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  • aparna pallavi
    Hi Chetna, Gosh! you are spending a lot of time and energy on your son. Great to hear of all the innovations and the way it is improving his learning. Hats
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 21 1:32 AM
      Hi Chetna,
      Gosh! you are spending a lot of time and energy on your son. Great to hear of all the innovations and the way it is improving his learning. Hats off!
      As for me, I just somehow manage to ensure that she reads and writes something every day. She chooses the subjects, however -- anything ranging from Enid Blyton to Tell me Why to the newspaper. Shs is less enthusiastic about writing, but does cough up someting most days. At present I am not trying to 'teach' her anything or follow any syllabus. We have had too much of that, and now we are looking for what we really want to do.
      Yes, I do get those panic attacks sometimes.  Especially about her not 'learning' anything -- anything structured, that is. I suppose over a period of time (we swore off formal schooling in March this year) we will find a rhythm of our own that works.
      As for missing school or feeling left out, there have been problems, mostly created by other people -- her friends or mine, or 'concerned' relatives -- but mostly we have succeeded in talking about them and resolving them -- the two of us, not others. The one thing that we both agree upon is that we both like homeschooling better than formal schooling.
      Actually, I am quite scared. But there is a certain faith in my own convictions, which I arrived at after a lot of reflection. There is a foreboding that things might go wrong, or that one day she might blame me for the decision if things don't turn out to be what she wanted them to be. But as of now, we are both happier and more creative than we were in the formal mode. That's what keeps me going.

      Chetana Keni <iamchetana@...> wrote:
      Hi Aparna and Ramji

      So nice to hear from you. I am in the process of
      creating a blog where I will put down my daily or
      weekly experiences for all of us to share.

      Ramji, we live in Kudlu off the Hosur Road about 10-12
      kms from BTM.

      I am curious about the reasons you started
      homeschooling, what are the investments w.r.t time,
      money, infrastructure and quality. Do you suffer from
      anxiety pangs (he he!) about your chil'd future like
      will he/she get good admissions/their feeling left
      out, acceptance in the job world etc. What kind of
      exams will they need to give. Are you going to go the
      NIOS way? What other hobbies are they following.. how
      do they spend their day?

      Its really difficult for me to quit working as we
      cannot manage with one income. Right now Aniket
      studies in Indus International School in an IB
      curriculum which suits him pretty well as its enquiry
      based. I have also joined work here after leaving my
      IT job! He is doing well but cannot fit in
      academically as he is dyslexic (for what I call 8
      hours a day) as he does pretty ok at home.

      Aparna .. Im gald to hear that your daughter is
      writing about the cruel treatment to rabbits .. I
      seriously feel thats the kind of education that our
      children need to have.. As for teaching in pictures..
      as an example last week I taught Aniket some
      geography: Earth, the hemispheres, Equator, the
      continents, and 2-3 facts about each of them.
      Memorizing doesnt work even if we do it all day so I
      used an atlas, lots of paper and an apple which we cut
      into 2 hemispheres made out the equator. the paper was
      used to name the continents in pictures so Ostrich for
      australia, Afraid for Africa, 'Ant' in kannada means
      stuck so we drew a penguin sticking in ice which
      became antarctica and the twins were the americas.
      Asis ofcourse was easy.. its the biggest continent.
      Aniket learnt all this in 30 minutes and can remember
      all this even now and perhaps for ever.. Spelling
      ofcourse is an issue as he is dyslexic but we have
      found out a way to learn even that in pictures.. so
      he now can spell Asia and Africa but we have 5 more to
      go !

      Its so nice to hear from you. Will keep you posted. We
      are going to get a test on Aniket's dyslexia and his
      learning habits next week. will let you know how it


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