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    Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. ~ Nelson Mandela
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      Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation.
      ~ Nelson Mandela
      Dear Friends
      Vanakkam! Greetings from Tamil Nadu.
      Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for A Very Happy New Year!
      A horrible cough and cold hit me last Thursday and laid me low. Friday evening I got up to write mail but could barely see my monitor, so I went back to bed and felt sorry for myself.
      By Monday, with the help of some cold-relief powders, I was half human again, and so I kept my promise to take walk some children out to the zoo this afternoon.
      Of course, I moaned. Naturally I was far too ill to enjoy myself. I 'struggled' along and did my best martyr act.
      And then something happened that made me feel completely ashamed of myself.
      When we got to zoo, in the line ahead of us were three mothers taking their children out for the day.
      But these were no ordinary children.
      All were strapped tightly in wheelchairs. Two of the three needed breathing apparatus. One had a feeding tube. And one little girl was so badly deformed that you felt like crying just seeing her.
      These children, who had far more reason to feel sorry for themselves than I ever have, and these brave mothers, who must put up with more than I can even imagine, were having a good time. They were taking their enjoyment of the day and putting that ahead of any moaning and groaning that they would have been justified in showing.
      I can tell you, I was humbled. Tears are coming to my eyes right now, just remembering them.
      How could I, or any of us, make such a fuss over something so small when people like these are getting on with their lives in the face of difficulties most of us will never even come close to?
      My thinking received a severe boost from that moment on and we had a great day out.
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