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  • Srikanth Vasuraj
    Hi Sanjay, We were in the Middle East for the last 5 years before moving back to India about 10 months ago. I know exactly how you feel about schools there. I
    Message 1 of 2 , May 20, 2003
      Hi Sanjay,
      We were in the Middle East for the last 5 years before moving back to India about 10 months ago. I know exactly how you feel about schools there. I am not very familiar with the comfort of choosing schools in Bahrain as we were in Dubai. We moved our kids into a British Curriculum school since we were not satisfied with the Indian schools. If I am right, I dont think there are very many British schools in Bahrain. We took the decision to home educate our children when we shifted them to the British school,if and when we return to India. Our children did exceptionally well under the british curriculum. One of the main reasons being that they were allowed to fend for themselves. They had the freedom to express themselves in the manner they deemed fit. Also, since the class size is very small in such schools, every student gets to participate in all the activities.
      Thier stint in this school helped me a lot to start off home schooling because the children had got into the mode of searching for answers themselves. So, today they are fairly independent. I find it easiest to teach my 7 year old son who has had only 1 year of formal school education.
      I hope I have been of help. In case you would like to check out more, please let me know.
      Sangita Vasuraj
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      Subject: [alt-ed-india] Hi all

      Hi all,

      My name is Sanjay Vasudev, I am from Mumbai - India, I recently became a member of this group. I am based in Bahrain and am frustrated with the quality of education being imparted by the local Indian Schools in Bahrain.

      I stumbled upon Clive's site while browsing education related sites, this has kindled a thought process although I haven't converted yet to the idea of Home Schooling, I must admit it is very appealing. I am learning more from the Home Schooling Resources Online and through the mails this group has posted at Yahoo.

      I would be glad to hear from anyone in group who is from Bahrain or in the Gulf region to learn more of their experiences with this concept. Infact I would be glad to hear from anyone in the group and I will try and be a more active member of the group. Initially ofcourse I will end up posting a lot of questions on the message board.

      Glad to be part of this group...........be happy.



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    • smita rao
      Hi all , I may not be able to come to bangalore personally but all the best for the endeavours. After all we Pure and Whole star beings really deserve a good
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 26, 2006
        Hi all ,
        I may not be able to come to bangalore personally but all the best
        for  the endeavours. After all we Pure and Whole star beings really
        deserve a good treat ! We have power in our speaking which can
        change the world. Do you not agree?  May by the power of your
        speech some thing innovative get created and benefit all.
        Good wishes and warm regards,

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