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  • Ramjee Nagarajan
    Dear All, A HR friend of mine, Shri Mehul has sent this mail which is self explanatory. If you are in India and know any one who should attend, you could share
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2005
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      Dear All,
      A HR friend of mine, Shri Mehul has sent this mail which is self explanatory. If you are in India and know any one who should attend, you could share the information and if you have any views to share please do...
      Thank you.
      With kind regards,
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      Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 7:58 PM
      Subject: MAGIC LAMP

      Dear Ramjee,


      Very soon the Summer Vacation will come & the children (especially teenagers) will start wasting their time in watching Serials, Films, MTV, etc on TV, or in playing for extended hours, or in activities like that.


      I am sure you will agree with me that these teenagers have a lot of energy & potentials and if channelized properly this energy & potential can be used in Developing their Personalities & Shaping their Futures.


      With this view in mind I am planning to hold a Summer Workshop for teenagers (13 to 16 years) from 20th to 29th April (10 days) under the aegis of Indian Institute for Personal &  Professional Development. Each day there will be two 2-hour sessions i.e. Session 1: 11 am to 1 pm & Session 2: 2 pm to 4 pm. (Lunch will be provided at concessional rates for those who attend both sessions on the same day).


      The 2-hour topics that I  have in mind are:

      1.      Importance of Personality Development – Broad Overview

      2.      Developing Positive Attitudes – Controlling Habits & Temptations, Importance of Values & Religion

      3.      Talking & Speaking Skills – Making yourself understood, specially to elders

      4.      Choosing Right Friends – Friends are Supporters in your Success

      5.      Using Internet – For increasing knowledge

      6.      Dressing – Being Fashionable but not Vulgar

      7.      Self-confidence – Overcoming Fears

      8.      Public Speaking – Speaking in a Group

      9.      Creativity – Using ideas to improve life

      10.  Study Skills/Smart Learning – Getting Ranks

      11.  Developing Memory – What should I remember? Film Stars or Leaders?

      12.  Leadership Skills – Everyone is a leader in his area of capability

      13.  Time Management – Managing School, Classes/Tutions, TV, Hobbies, Friends, Parents, etc.

      14.  7 Habits of Successful People – What qualities Leaders have? How do I acquire them?

      15.  Understanding Parents & their Concerns – Why parents restrict?

      16.  TV habits – What to watch on TV & for how long?

      17.  Independence v/s Responsibility – Why parents do not give independence?

      18.  Power of Vision – Importance of having a Goal in life

      19.  Careers – How to choose career?

      20.  Importance of Hobbies & Extra-curricular activities – Becoming good at something else also

      Do suggest if any other topics that comes to your mind.


      Program Details

      The fee will be Rs. 100/- or Rs. 125/- per person per session. Veg. lunch will be provided @ around Rs. 30/- per person. Handout will be 5-7 pages per session. Needless to say this program will be out of our Social Responsibility i.e. Desire to give back to the Society, & hence it will be on a No-Profit-No-Loss basis.


      The program will be conducted at our Training Hall at:

      Indian Institute for Personal & Professional Development

      104-105 Orbit Estate, Chincholi Bunder, Off Link Road, Opp Tangent Furniture Showroom, Malad (W), Mumbai 400064.


      The purpose of writing to you is 5-fold:

      1.     In your opinion will this program be a success? Will we get about 40-50 students, for each session?

      2.     Are the topics OK? What needs to be deleted? What needs to be added?

      3.     How do we promote the Program?

      4.     Which sessions will you be interested in conducting? (Honorarium would be just about Rs. 1000/- per session)

      5.     Should we have similar program for age group 16 to 19?


       Do let me know your opinion by the weekend (5th March), so that I can compile the responses and make a final decision.


      Looking forward to your inputs.


      With Warm Regards,




      Chief Executive

      Grey Cells (HRD, Training & Placement Consultants)
      104-105, Orbit Estate, Chincholi Bunder, Off Link Road,
      Opp. Tangent Furniture Showroom, Malad (W), Mumbai - 400 064
      Ph : 28769929, 28771904, 28777051   Fax : 28772314
      E-mail : greycell@...  

      Website : www.greycellsindia.com

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