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Re: [alt-ed-india] Re: Syllabus recommendations

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  • S P Mathew
    Thank you George for sharing your family s learning journey. It is indeed encouraging to hear about people who have travelled thus far while homeschooling. How
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 20, 2013
      Thank you George for sharing your family's learning journey.
      It is indeed encouraging to hear about people who have travelled thus far while homeschooling.
      How did your children manage to get admission into colleges in Mumbai, did they have to provide a school leaving certificate or equivalent?

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      Hear, hear.

      My children were older when we started home-schooling - Std. 8 and 9. One of our primary conditions was that we would not teach them. They were welcome to explore the subjects themselves and we would help them find tutors if needed. But we would not teach.

      I think the greatest gains our family made from home schooling are due to this simple decision. Our children viewed us as friends on their path to knowledge and we have had several wonderful discussions at the breakfast and dinner tables or on long walks and drives. We have tried not to impose our beliefs on the children - if we feel strongly about a subject, we make it clear - but they also know that they are supposed to talk to others, research independently and make up their own minds. 

      My children are now 18 and 20 - my son is still home-schooling (Cambridge A levels).

      This route has brought us all closer together. As my children have grown out of their teens, it has been a joy watching their minds and personalities develop. The process has left us with children who have grown into very responsible adults - who are also our very good friends.


      On 14 September 2011 09:27, lotus <paravinda@...> wrote:
      Hi Noufal,

      Every child tailor-makes his or her own curriculum out of existing resources - the world all around, everything happening that they want to get into, take apart, spread around, ask why, etc ... what curriculum can beat that?

      all the best,

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      > I'm also interested in people who have created their own curriculum out
      > of existing resources. Sort of tailor made courses.
      > Thanks.
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