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Fwd: Invitation to 'Songs of Protest' and 'Reel Revolution' (with images this time!)

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  • Neha Gupta
    ... From: Kaveri Gill Date: Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 11:29 AM Subject: Fwd: Invitation to Songs of Protest and Reel Revolution (with
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      From: Kaveri Gill <gill.kaveri@...>
      Date: Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 11:29 AM
      Subject: Fwd: Invitation to 'Songs of Protest' and 'Reel Revolution' (with images this time!)
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      Apologies for cross-posting, forthcoming events in Bangalore at the bottom of this email. A few words about the campaign, orginally conceived by students at NLSIU, below. If any student groups are interested in participating or opening a chapter of the campaign in any other city or small town of India, please contact Kranti Conference on the email above. If anyone wants to make a small donation, or contribute in any other way, get in touch with them! Spread the word,
      In solidarity, Kaveri
      "Kranti, as we call it, is a festival to reclaim the culture of dissent in India. The aim of Kranti is to raise solidarity for India's brave dissidents and the causes they are espousing. At a time when there is a growing disconnect between India's urban youth and those areas of India that are paying the price for "development", we believe this is an important attempt at raising awareness, small as it is.
      We originally planned to have a conference with activists and academicians to discuss displacement, women's anti-liqour struggles, weakening labour movements and caste atrocities. This was a few months ago. Over time, we realised that since our target audience is college students from across various streams, a conference alone is not engaging enough. And we therefore planned to have other events - street plays, photo exhibitions, movie screenings, songs of protest, all of which address different socio-political causes. Our idea has grown over time such that we now have a token national campaign with chapters in Pune, Mysore, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad with sister events in those cities being organised by friends who believe in our campaign."
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      From: Kranti Conference <kranticonference@...>
      Date: 2 September 2013 00:46
      Subject: Invitation to 'Songs of Protest' and 'Reel Revolution' (with images this time!)

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      Kranti is a festival to reclaim the culture of dissent. As part of Kranti, we have been curating various cultural events in different cities. In light of the recent attack by ABVP members on our friends from FTII, it is time to unravel our big acts in solidarity. Kranti presents Songs of Protest and Reel Revolution.


      Songs of Protest

      On 7th September, join us for an evening of powerful revolutionary music. We bring to you live performances by Kabir Kala Manch, Lokshahir Sambhaji Bhagat and Makkal Mandram. Music starts playing at 4 PM  in the Samsa Amphitheatre at the Ravindra Kalakshetra.

      Inspired by both Marx and Ambedkar, the Kabir Kala Manch sing songs on caste, class, gender and economic inequalities. In the recent past, KKM has had to court arrest for their explosive music, and yet they continue to sing and perform. This is KKM's first performance outside Maharashtra.

      People's poet Sambhaji Bhagat is known for his powerful performances in Maharashtra's slums.  A rebel and a bard, he uses his music to organise Dalits and challenge hierarchy. Known as the Gaddar of Maharashtra, Sambhaji has spent some time underground but continues to sing and educate.

      Makkal Mandram are known for their work with the Irula tribe, apart from using peoples' art to engage with current political issues. They bring with them their music, their energy and their stories from Tamil Nadu.

      In a rare confluence of these three powerful musical influences, we bring to you Songs of Protest.


      Reel Revolution

      On 8th September, we will be joined by veteran documentary film makerAnand Patwardhan and Delhi Sultanate of the Word Sound Power ensemble as they discuss their cinema and their politics. The discussion with these artists is between 10 AM and 1 PM in the Institute of Agricultural Technologists (Queen’s Road). Starting at 2 PM, we screen Mr. Patwardhan's critically acclaimed and intensely relevant tale on Dalit politics, Jai Bhim Comrade.

      Anand Patwardhan's films have the rare ability of being artistically and politically intelligent. His films mirror the politics of his times. In the course of his career, he has engaged with the Emergency, India's nuclear capability, working class concerns, patriarchy, communalism and caste atrocities. On the 8th, he will do a retrospective of his work and trace his evolution as a political film maker.

      Word Sound Power is a unique project which fuses revolutionary music from Punjab and Odisha with dancehall reggae. The result is music and cinema which has the potential of bridging the vast expanse between urban India and India's conflict zones. Delhi Sultanate from WSP will present the Bant Singh Project (Punjab) along with Blood Earth (Odisha) for the first time in Bangalore.

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       Come join us in solidarity as we reclaim the right to dissent. Please help us spread the word! 

      For more details, visit us here:


      Twitter: kranticonference@KrantiFest

      Ph.: +91 9886453418/9743167640


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