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Re: [alt-ed-india] Re: Report of Sunday meeting of home-schoolers in Bangalore

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  • Sharla Chakravarthy Joseph
    One of the challenges of older homeschoolers is that some of us are schooling teenagers with learning difficulties while others have none. Only if these
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 23, 2013
      One of the challenges of older homeschoolers is that some of us are schooling teenagers with learning difficulties while others have none.  Only if these differences are handled with sensitivity will such a group be a benefit to all.

      On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 6:57 PM, srujana <srujanassy@...> wrote:

      Is their any group of parents having children of age group 13 to 16 yrs old home schooling. looking for some inputs and sharing . Can mail me at srujanassy@... thnx.

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      > Wow!
      > I would love to join the in October. Count me in for Turahalli meet.
      > Best Regards
      > Shazia
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      > Subject: [alt-ed-india] Report of Sunday meeting of home-schoolers in Bangalore
      > Dear All,
      > A small group of home-schoolers met in Krishna Rao park on Sunday, 11th September. 
      > Leo & Lakshmi, with their children Prahlad, Siddharth and Kavana,
      > Sowmya Khandige with her son Vishnu, and Janki & Rajanikanth with their
      > children Ishaan and Nisha.  The children
      > (and parents) had a great time playing together on the swings, slides and
      > merry-go-rounds, badminton and a game of ‘Ultimate’ frisbee.  A lively group of other children in the
      > playground also joined in the fun.
      > The parents discussed their reasons for home/un/de-schooling
      > their children.  We very briefly
      > discussed what we thought were the differences between these terms, and how
      > they related to what we were doing.  A
      > few things we talked about:
      > 1. How there is a fine balance between empowering a child to think and act responsibly (for example, by teaching her to read, in a fun and painless way), and allowing a child to follow his own interests with no guidance. 
      > 2. That education is not divorced from society or the environment, and becomes sterile when learnt only through books and without conscious engagement with what is happening in the world around us.
      > 3. That beginning with a small exposure to an environment, idea or art form can lead to an exciting exploration of many related things.  For example, an exposure to waste management practices could lead to the younger children learning about waste segregation, and older children learning about landfills and their environmental, social and health consequences, about rag-pickers, and pourakarmikas, and even about the physics of biodynamic energy. This learning would be alive because it would be based on a real sensitivity, engagement and relatedness to the world.
      > The meeting ended with a proposal to meet next at Turahalli
      > on Oct 2 between 8 a.m. and noon. The activity proposed combines the fun of
      > learning how to climb rocks with the very real learning that comes from hugging
      > a rugged rock, and perhaps learning a bit of geology, ecology and
      > bird-watching. 
      > Hoping to meet more of you there,
      > Warmly,
      > Lakshmi and Leo
      > Directions to reach Turahalli:  On Kanakapura Road, (about 3 km after the
      > Metro, and 1.5 km before Thalgattapura), turn into the wide link road just next
      > to KSIT College.  After about 1.5 km,
      > Turahalli will be on the left side, immediately after Karishma Hills.  You should see a few other vehicles parked
      > there as rock climbers gather at Turahalli every Sunday morning.  It would be a good idea to bring bottles of
      > water and something to eat for your children.


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      Take joy where you find it.
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