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Swadha - A Steiner School welcomes you to a beautiful,gentle,creative way of educating a child.

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  • shefali kosta
    Dear Friends, *Greetings from Punarnavaha Open Learning Space* *I sowed a seed with love and care* * * *I watered it well and kept it in open air* * * *A
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2013

      Dear Friends,

      Greetings from Punarnavaha Open Learning Space

      "I sowed a seed with love and care

      I watered it well and kept it in open air

      A little shoot began to sprout

      With joy I jumped about!


      I wanted it to grow very quick

      And so I put in a bucket of water tall

      But my plant began to wilt, it got very sick

      Nature tells us all! "

      Our children are a part of this very nature. As we observed them keenly and tried to discern ‘how much’ they truly needed in order to grow and learn fully and healthily, we were lead to many questions. 

      Questions related to their learning, their education....

      “How much is too much?”

      What am I demanding of a child? Why am I demanding it? Does it stem from my need of what the child should be?

      How do I pause to really hear the child?

      What is it that the child is demanding – how do I understand it deeply and respond to the child’s need?

      We are a group of people who, in our independent walks of life, went through this sphere of questioning.  As we searched and often experimented with answers, we came across Dr Rudolf Steiner who has thought about children deeply. In Dr Steiner’s rich educational work we found our answers, a body of thought where the search could rest - a gentle balance between supporting the child and letting her blossom at her own natural pace. The beauty of Steiner education, popularly known as Waldorf education, is that

      • It is sensitive to the world of children
      • The  curriculum responds to the inner need of the child at each stage of development as it is based on a profound understanding of human development
      • It keeps a life-long joy for learning alive – cultivates social and emotional intelligence and connects children to nature
      • It enables children to be free and independent thinkers who can walk/create paths that are meaningful to their individual lives
      • The curriculum is a broad framework that can be adapted to the cultural ethos of the land where the school is

      We were profoundly inspired to make this option of Steiner education, popularly known as Waldorf education, available to many young children and thus we began Swadha, A Steiner School.

      “Swadha – A Steiner School”, began as a Waldorf Kindergarten in the academic year 2012-2013. We will be beginning with grade one in the current academic year (2013 – 2014).

      Based on the Steiner curriculum, cultural rootedness forms a significant pillar of the ethos of Swadha. We consciously weave threads of the Indian spirit and wisdom into the curriculum

      At Swadha we put in a conscious day to day effort to truly listen to and provide for the inner needs of our children. The teachers here are interested in the students as individuals and are dedicated to generating an inner enthusiasm for learning in every child.

      If you wish to walk this path with us and your young one, we welcome you to connect with us - Admissions are now open for kindergarten (2.5 to 6 years) and Grade 1 (6 – 7 years)

      This is what some of the parents have to say about Swadha:

      “We sent our son to a conventional school when he was about 3 years of age. Even then our thought was that he should be in a school that nurtures him and makes him feel happy. The "conventional" school hurt his sensibilities and very soon he was averse to learning itself.
      Since joining Swadha, he has gotten over this aversion. It is nice to see him "wanting" to learn. We cannot thank teachers at Swadha enough for knowing just when to do what. In fact, today I was surprised when he did not want to stay home on a holiday, but wanted to go to school.
      I think that is the best testimony for the efficacy of a school”

      “I have learnt through my personal experience that there is no better intrinsic motivator for learning than learning from a sense of love for the subject. I see my child experiencing that on a daily basis in Swadha and I am filled with a sense of awe and peace. For I know if we can sustain that environment and keep that sacred, she will truly realize her potential."

      It will go a long way in helping us if you can share this information in your network.


      Honap Bungalow, Pranav Building,
      Right Bhusari Colony, Near Borse Hospital,
      Paud Road, Pune – 411038
      9822023265, 7620088229, 8888879719

      Thanks & Regards



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