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“पता है मैं first क्य ों आता हूँ? क्यों कि engineering मेरा passion ह ै…

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  • Priya Alti
     “पता है मैं first क्यों आता हूँ? क्योंकि engineering मेरा passion है…engineeri
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21 5:52 AM
       “पता है मैं first क्यों आता हूँक्योंकि engineering मेरा passion है…engineering छोड़ और wildlife photographer बनवो काम कर जिसमे तेरा talentहै.”
                  No marks for guessing the movie. One of the super entertaining, thought provoking movies.

      Inline image 1

      However, this part of the movie leads to some questions.

      How often we find people who have managed to identify as specific interest as wildlife photography? What is this passion and how do I discover it? Is Maths my passion, is social studies my passion? After all, these subjects are what I am exposed to. If I enjoy studying a subject, what kind of career should I choose?

      Genie Duniya is a program where children work on live problems from the industry. This helps them taste a variety of professions and business sectors. After a child goes through a series of these exposures to real life, he/she is enabled to make an informed choice about the career.

      We dream of exposing all children to the real life by the above method, as early as when child is 9 years old.

      Summer batch of Genie Duniya is starting on 15th April. at Geniekids learning center. 

      Two weeks program. First batch starting on 15th April. Total 3 batches, choose one or more batches..

      Every batch is unique and exposing child to different cajects from industry (click  here for consulting cases). Register here  or connect with us on 080-2520 2510 or 080-4116 1575 or +91 9845807429 to register. Feel free to forward.

      www.amable.in | www.geniekids.com | www.aarohilife.org

      Facebook | Twitter  | Blog

      Phones: 2520-2510, 411-61-575, 98458-07429

      Geniekids Learning Center:
      No 3023, 8th Cross, 13th Main (near NPS & BSNL Telelphone exchange), HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560008

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