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9729Samvaad on learning- Play and toys- exploring the reason why children play and why the toys adults makes disorient the childrens natural learning process

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  • jinan kodapully
    Sep 4, 2012
      We at Sadhana village school has been exploring to provide free environment for children to make sense of their world. We have been documenting various things children do. We, adults have termed it as play which is not considered as learning. Learning for us is when children have book in their hand and is connected with words.
      As we have been observing and documenting children from last year some of these aspects are being challenged.
      Children also make their toys as they play and there is a strong connection in everything they do. There is nothing random about why they do what they do.
      We are inviting people who are interested in a fresh and first hand inquiry to understand how play and cognitive development and their making sense of the world is connected.
      We will be uploading few videos in the sadhana village facebook page. 
      We are also keen to work with schools who are keen to make their 'teachers' in to 'learners'. We would like to initiate common sense research among teachers to understand children first hand rather than beleiving on theories of Montessori, Steiner, Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewy etc. This is not to chellenge any of these great peoples work but to pay homage to them by being authentic ourselves.
      The dates are december 21 22 23 and the venue is Pune.
      Once the venue is fixed we will have the registration details.
      please email separately at sadhnavillageschool@....
      0487 2386723

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