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    Aug 18, 2012
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      Dear Radhika,
      I will recommend you to give your mother "Panchgavya" which is great immune booster. Its an ancient ayurveda rememdy. as per ayurveda it is also benefial in treatment of cancer. If you are in tamil nadu inquire with reputed ayurveda store or doc.
      i will send u a ppt on panchgavya which was presented by our institution at "NIOS" OER (open education resource) ..
      Meenal & Sachin desai (94041-64945)

      On 18 August 2012 20:55, friedegg333 <friedegg333@...> wrote:

      Dear all,

      I am very grateful to those of you who responded to my question last month about non-conventional ways to treat cancer.

      I had written on behalf of my mother who had been diagnosed with ductal carcinoma. Fortunately, her lymph nodes were clear but doctors insisted on six weeks of chemo following surgery purely as a prophylactic measure to "ensure" that the cancer did not return.

      It has been a difficult time for our family and not just because of the fear and paralysis and the endless hospital visits. (George, I'm very sorry to hear about your father and brother and cannot imagine how painful it must have been for you and your family.)

      In our case, I was bothered by the establishment's single-minded push to subject my mother - who is in her late 60s, very frail and has some chronic ailments - to needless (in my mind) and punishing rounds of chemo. It was a one size fits all, assembly line treatment that I was afraid would ravage her body and kill her faster than any cancer. Still, all the oncologists we spoke to in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Coimbatore were unanimous in their verdict: chemo was inevitable. It was the gold standard of cancer prevention and treatment.

      Fortunately, with some persistence and through a maze of family contacts, we stumbled upon a leading cancer specialist at Washington University who explained at length (citing her age, tumor biology, risks vs benefits) why chemo in her particular situation would be of little to no use and could potentially be devastating. It's not as if the "rote over treatment" we encountered in India is not uncommon in the US, so I could barely believe my ears. Talk about a reprieve.

      So, yes, we've decided to forego chemo, and instead focus on changes to diet and lifestyle. The advice and resources obtained through this list have been extremely helpful to her. Once again, thank you so much.


      --- In alt-ed-india@yahoogroups.com, "friedegg333" <friedegg333@...> wrote:
      > I apologize if this is off-topic but I'm hoping someone here can help.
      > Do you know of doctors/patients in India who are dealing with cancer using non-conventional methods, like say, nutrition? Someone who has refused chemo or has decided not to continue treatment because of the side effects and chosen other ways to address it?
      > Thank you,
      > Radhika

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