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  • Nagesh Kolagani
    Jul 1, 2012
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      When you go to other systems, please go through referance, because you would need a very skilled doctor.  If you are in Chennai I can put you in touch with an excellent ayurvedic doctor.

      Allopathy and other systems have different ways of seeing the body - so there is not always a  one to one correspondence in diseases. But growths are handled in ayurveda - and there are also growths that are understood to be asadhyam or incurable.

      I have seen in patients brain growths reduce in time, as also lumps in the breast. The doctor will not say 'cancer is treatable', but she will diagnose the condition as per ayurveda, and try to address it from there. You can meet and take an assssment if you wish to.

      There are conditions incurable in one system, which are curable in another .


      On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 10:13 AM, annamchocku <annamchocku@...> wrote:

      Dr. Vijaya Venkat's website:


      I have attended her workshop on Nutrion Re-education.
      Profound insights. I have had my cholesterol level under control for over two years on diet alone (from a level of 400+).
      Now am back to allopathic drugs only because of a let up in the diet and exercise.
      Hope I will get back to her ways.
      I am not sure if she has a cure for cancer, you may check with them.

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      > There is a nutritionist know by the name Dr. Vijaya Venkat in Mumbai. She has a diet plan, noni, books etc for cancer. Very highly recommended.
      > Komal
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      > Subject: [alt-ed-india] Alternative treatments for cancer
      > I apologize if this is off-topic but I'm hoping someone here can help.
      > Do you know of doctors/patients in India who are dealing with cancer using non-conventional methods, like say, nutrition? Someone who has refused chemo or has decided not to continue treatment because of the side effects and chosen other ways to address it?
      > Thank you,
      > Radhika

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