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8770Re: [alt-ed-india] Re: Socializing of a Homeschooled Child

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  • Camilla Conti
    Sep 2, 2011

      I am a currently non-homeschooling but homeschooling-wishing mom in Delhi. My daughter is 5.9. She has been homeschooled till last April, when she entered formal school - little bit as an experiment, little bit for family pressure and little more because yes, it seamed that all Delhi kids were locked up in schools, in any case.
      She used to love school at the beginning but now she wishes to stop it. Too much repetition, I guess an too much leadership imposed on her free will.
      So well, I am about to move to Greater Noida, if everything goes fine, and after shifting I might give a second try to homeschooling. Where in Delhi are you based? Maybe we could meet sometimes... Even now Saturdays are very free for us.

      Pl feel free to call me : 8860724460 is my cell n.

      Hope to hear you!


      ps: I also have a totalty non-schooled 3 years old boy

      On 29 July 2011 17:58, shyama.haldar <shyamadot@...> wrote:

      one delhi non-schooling mum here -- 'non-schooling' as in i believe, maybe mistakenly, it's too early to enter into structured instruction for my three-and-a-half year old.
      rashmie, and delhi homeschoolers generally, i'm at 9811180746. feel free to call whenever.

      --- In alt-ed-india@yahoogroups.com, "Rashmie" <rashmiejaaju@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,I recently started homeschooling my 5.5 year old daughter. I
      > would have started it sooner if it was not for my overwhelming concern
      > about the socializing aspect of homeschooling.
      > Though I am very confident that the open-ended, hands-on, stress-free
      > learning that happens in our homeschooling approach is the way to go for
      > us, I still carry the nagging concern about the lack of group dynamics
      > in a home schooling environment that a school can provide so easily.
      > I understand that there are many different ways to ensure active
      > socialization of a homeschooled child. Playing with mixed-age kids in
      > residential complex, museum visits, music/dance/swimming classes,
      > grocery shopping, field trips etc.
      > These are all fine, but I think these will not provide the kind of
      > interactions that are possible in a classroom/school setting - sharing,
      > fighting, defending, standing up for yourself, sharing secrets and
      > stories, girly bonding, conversations back home in a bus etc etc.
      > My questions to you is - in what ways are you taking care of this
      > important aspect of your child's development to ensure well rounded and
      > holistic learning?
      > This is the constant question I am posed by well meaning friends and
      > family. And, I don't blame them for asking, for, I am not too confident
      > myself about this aspect of homeschooling.
      > Please help me sort this agony of mine with your inputs. Expecting as
      > many homeschooling parents as possible to pitch in. :)
      > Thanks much in advance,Rashmie
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