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8441Growing Up in a Multi-Cultural Learning Environment

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  • Rashmie
    Jul 1, 2011
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      Hi Friends,
      I have an article today on my blog where I discuss the importance of multi-cultural and multi-faith learning environment in schools across the world.

      An excerpt from the article:

      "Considering how multi-cultural interaction can enrich, I, as a parent to a 5.5 year old, don't see our schools really doing much to encourage a multi-cultural learning environment. At least, not much here in India. Ha! What an irony. Really! Isn't that shocking and a huge set-back considering India is the flag bearer of a multi-faith society? In Pari's class, there are children from the North East of India, from the Southern states, from East, from families following the Islam and Sikh and Jain religioius faiths. But, besides just declaring a holiday on an Id-ul-Fitr or a Buddha Jayanti or a Guru Nanak Day and besides celebrating some popular festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Holi or Janmaasthami, the schools haven't taken any positive step further. Probably, they don't even realise that given the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds their studens come from, there is a need or may be just an opportunity to make the students learn about the faith and culture of their fellow class mates. "

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