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2384Re: [alt-ed-india] Home schoolers / Alternative Schoolers meet in Bangalore

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  • Vineeta Sood
    Mar 9, 2007
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      Hi Satish

      I would really like to be a part of the meet. I know it is late know and would like to know if it is possible to include any more menbers now. If yes, then please let me know your contact number and directions.

      Thnk you and best wishes.
      Kanti Ratna <kantiratna@...> wrote:
      Dear Friends,

      The coordination for the Bangalore meet has been happening outside this forum. And exciting things have been happening.

      At last count there are 15 adults and 12 children meeting at Satish Natarajan's farm on sunday the 11th.

      This is turning out to be a big thing. We are there in Bangalore for this meet but we are sure that we would have caught the overnight train from Thrissur for this. We request everyone who can drive down/ or catch an overnight train/ or catch a 1 Rupee Air Deccan ticket/ to try to attend this. We are seeing in this the starting of the Indian National Homeschoolers Association.

      With great joy in our hearts and with love to all of you,
      Kanti and Arun

      Ramalakshmi Nagasubramanian <nrama75@yahoo. co.in> wrote:

      Please give us the time, directions and landmarks to come to ur farm.
      We too would love to join u all in one place.

      Rams, Rama, Arun (8+) & Arjun (3+)

      Satish Natarajan <satish_en@yahoo. com> wrote:
      We plan to meet on Sunday the 11th March at our farm
      on Kanakapura Road about 25Kms away from Jayanagar.
      We have confirmation from 4 families with 8 children.
      (Arun and Kanti, Ramji and Meena, Satish and Sangitha
      and Self and Akila). We invite others from Bangalore
      to join us. We could go on a short trek to a small
      hill nearby.

      Depending on the response we can plan activities.

      Request Home Schoolers from Bangalore to join us and
      take this forward.

      Satish and Akila

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