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  • sumbul_k_a
    Mar 6, 2007
      Hi ,
      Seeing that we're on the topic of teaching less, I felt I'd just tell
      our group members what I noticed recently...

      My son -who just turned 3.5- started recognising lowercase letters
      through starfall.com some months back, has started writing the
      capitals on paper. He taught himself to do that. He started with the
      easier letter 'o' then moved on to ;etters 'M'and 'A' and during the
      process of writing 'M' , he discovered that an incomplete 'M' looked
      like 'N'. He also writes lowercase letters on his own. This made me
      happier and more content with my decision to take him out of pre-
      school after his 1st month.Does a child learn to write better if
      forced to write on dotted letters, especially when he is not ready? I
      dont think so!I just give him unruled A4 size sheets of paper and he
      fills them up( both sides)with letters and best of all, he enjoys


      --- In alt-ed-india@yahoogroups.com, "Anuradha Desikan Eswar"
      <eswar.rad@...> wrote:
      > Hi Sangita,
      > Thanks! I see what you mean when you say children can learn by
      themselves and its best if we "teach" less...How beautifully
      everything will direct itself then! Cannot wait to try and see the
      results myself!
      > warm regards
      > radha
      > >
      > >
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