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  • Anuradha Desikan Eswar
    Mar 2, 2007
      Dear Sangita,
      We are planning to shift to Coimbatore this June but are in Bangalore now. We are going to homeschool our kids once we reach Coimbatore. I have a son who is 15 years of age. Would love to know about your experiences in enabling your children as they all seem to be older kids. If you think this will be possible only face to face, I would love to meet you too. If an introductory mail can be sent by you and maybe by Vineeta who seems to be another parent who enables older children, it would be a lovely resource for the group. Others who have older children could also chip in as can parents with more than three children too...Questions like how can you learn together with 3-4 different keen minds of differing ages without compromising on anyone anytime...such questions do need to be tackled correcctly. I am going to try some things which I shall post on a mail as and when I carry out my plans. But if there are others, it would be lovely to learn about their experiences too. I find most home schoolers have younger children. They will get older soon and it would be a nice stepping stone for the parents when their children get to the 14-16 stage.
      warm regards
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      From: Vasuraj
      Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 1:21 AM
      Subject: RE: [alt-ed-india] Re: Home schooling in Bangalore

      Hi Sum, Sathish and Sangeetha,
      We too live in Banaswadi Ext. area (Thyagaraj Layout), very close to Purva Park. We are homeschooling our three children aged 16 1/2, 15 and 10. Nice to know others too around here who are homeschooling as well.
      Sangita Vasuraj
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      Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 2:17 PM
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      Subject: [alt-ed-india] Re: Home schooling in Bangalore

      We stay in the Banaswadi area in East Bangalore almost midway between
      Frazer Town and Indira Nagar. We have a 3 and half yr olf boy who we
      plan to homeschool using the Unschooling method largely and
      incorporating the Montessori, Waldorf or eclectic methods.
      Would like to get in touch with other homeschooling fam,ilies in the


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      > Hi,
      > We homeschool our 8yr old daughter and 4yr old son in Frazer town,
      > East Bangalore and would be very happy to get to know the other
      > homeschoolers in Bangalore.
      > Our home number is 41277112. Looking forward to meeting up.
      > Warm regards,
      > --
      > Sathish and Sangeetha.
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      > <causmicdance@ > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi -
      > >
      > > We live in S Bangalore (BTM Layout) & HS our daughter, age 7.
      > > experiencing Bhavya for a couple of years and a brief stint at The
      > > Valley School, we decided HS is what works best for us.
      > >
      > > I am not aware of many families doing HS here - many do
      > > schooling, but not HS. We follow an eclectic approach - looking
      at US
      > > Grade curriculum, the Indian System, Waldorf home schooling
      > > (of which there are plenty on the web) and of course, feeding on
      > > strengths of the local community that we live in.
      > >
      > > We do have a HS group (with almost 20 kids) next door, who do HS
      > > religious reasons. We are also friends with another family in N
      > > Bangalore that does un-schooling.
      > >
      > > Due to the limited numbers, I am not aware of any serious
      > > happening on the HS parents' front. And then you have Bangalore's
      > > traffic to content with :-)
      > >
      > > If you are interested, we could meet and exchange thoughts. Do let
      > us know.
      > >
      > > warmly
      > > Meena and Ramji
      > >
      > > On 1/30/07, vedam00 <vedam00@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Hello Friends,
      > > > i just joined this group today, we moved to Bangalore
      > > > from Naperville, ILL, US about 2 yrs ago and we are finding it
      > > > hard to make a good choice for my 7 yr old, who will be going
      to 2 nd
      > > > grade. He has been going to a small montessorie school
      currently. For
      > > > next year we are considering home schooling. I would like to
      know if
      > > > there are parents who are homeschooling in Bangalore and if
      they are
      > > > than what is it like educating a child at home in India ?. Do
      > > > and children meet regularly ? What kind of resources are
      > > > here in Bangalore ? We live in Defense colony Indiaranagar. Any
      > > > assitance is greatly appreciated.
      > > > Thank you
      > > >
      > > >
      > >

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