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1978Re: [alt-ed-india] How do I start?

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  • Malcolm Printer
    Oct 5, 2006
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      Dear Aparna,

      Thank you for your reply. I am encouraged by it!

      Is it possible for us homeschoolers, parents and
      children, to meet in person: maybe have a camp or some
      such event in an informal manner for even a day or
      two? May I have your thoughts on this?

      Thank you.

      With love,

      Malcolm R. Printer
      --- aparna pallavi <aparna_pallavi@...> wrote:

      > Hello Mr Malcom,
      > It is not very difficult. I am sure you have been
      > teaching your daughter her alphabets and numbers and
      > such things at home. Just continue that process,
      > lovingly and in a fun way. If you think you would
      > prefer to follow a structured syllabus, you could
      > just buy textbooks every year. If not, just follow
      > your light and your daughter's interests.
      > As for socialising, my experience says that
      > home-schooled children have more time to socialise
      > -- socialise in depth that is. They may have fewer
      > friends, but they have more time to spend with them.
      > Your child is quite small just now, but as she grows
      > up she will find friends in the neighbourhood and in
      > places where her interests take her. Don't worry!
      > Aparna
      > malcolmrprinter <malcolmrprinter@...> wrote:
      > Dear Friends,
      > How do I begin to homeschool my 4 year old daughter?
      > How does she make
      > friends of her age if I tutor her at home?
      > I look forward to the benefits of your replies.
      > Thank you!
      > With love,
      > Malcolm R. Printer
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