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1932Re: Guiding principle for education!

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  • hsim95
    Aug 10, 2006
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      Eloquent words :)!

      --- In alt-ed-india@yahoogroups.com, Madhavi Daruwalla
      <madewarus@...> wrote:
      > Dear Brijesh,
      > Love is the feeling of oneness with all and everything around
      you. That is the highest form of love that we all as humans try and
      strive for- it is without boundaries, without fear, without
      exclusivity and with absolute inclusivity -it could be described as
      almost without emotion where one sees a connection with all and
      everything in this world animate and inanimate. That is true love.
      It is beyond the love of parents for children and vice versa and a
      partner for another, a person and his country etc etc. You could get
      a glimpse of it when you see abeautiful sunrise when you feel a part
      of it and yet you do not feel you want to own it or control it and
      you feel blessed being there in the presence of its beauty and you
      are aware that it will not last. If you can extend that feeling for
      everything include your children, your neighbours, animals ,
      plants , rocks , everything then you will become the worlds
      greatest "lover"and funny enough this love can never end as it
      > connects you with the God, the creator, nature, whatever you
      believe in and lasts forever .
      > M and M
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