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  • jinan kodapully
    Apr 2, 2006
      Hope you dont mind this mail.
      Hi all,

      The people of Narmada valley are forgotten by the country but they remain witnesses and victims of the development we are espousing at the cost of so many lives and livelihoods....

      Currently another 35000 families in Narmada valley will lose their homes and livelihoods with the increase in Sardar Sarovar dam ht to 121 meters and we are appealing to the PM to address the rehabilitation issues before the increase is sanctioned.

      Details of the request are in the petition.Please show you support by
      signing up at http://petitions.aidindia.org/narmada/.

      Medha, Jamsing and Bhagwatibai are fasting to be heard by the powers that be .....

      UPDATE on fast....
      Health of Medha and Jamsing is weakening and it is important to focus on collecting as many signatures and sending as many letters (pref. by fax) that would make a big impact by Monday morning India time.


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