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greetings friends and family

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  • jarchi00
    welcome to our new home! looks a bit flashy, but we ll work on that soon enough. as we commence our community in binary i thought i d interject some
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2004
      welcome to our new home! looks a bit "flashy," but we'll work on that soon enough.

      as we commence our "community in binary" i thought i'd interject some thoughts about
      the possibilities and potentials and intent of communicating like this.

      what a message group like this does is exponentially expand the ability to develop
      community. it removes space from place.

      "the invention of writing no only crystallises the oral tradition, making it an "object" for the
      investigation of future societies, but also allows different traditions and cultures to escape
      the spatial limitations of the village."

      another quote that is appropriate is "certain rights of free communication should be
      insulated and protected from the dominance of capaital in the marketplace. the media of
      mass communications, once separate from the goernment and the market this would
      provide cultural contributors with the social context for free expression. open democratic
      forms of 'talk' would have no necessary end point, given that all of those who contribute
      must remain open to 'challenge and review' this utopia of free communication would
      undoubedtly promote stronger community relations and bonds."

      with that said. onward, upward. i promise to be a bit more exciting and less academic in
      the future.

      how about a pre-party meetup before the 12 galaxies show 4.23?

      not to mention the vegas pool party.

      oooh baby, i'm feeling oh so supple.
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