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FW: Did I say July would be OFF THE CHAIN?!?!

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  • Robin R. Hodges
    Team, please read this message from our upline, Executive LaNita Gragg-Jennings. Robin _____ From: lgjenni@aol.com [mailto:lgjenni@aol.com] Sent: Tuesday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
      Team, please read this message from our upline, Executive LaNita Gragg-Jennings.

      From: lgjenni@... [mailto:lgjenni@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 2:27 AM
      To: ricert@...
      Subject: Re: Did I say July would be OFF THE CHAIN?!?!

      Robin, please share this with your team:
      I am so overjoyed at how you all have taken this fantastic opportunity and these glorious products and shared them with everyone you meet.  Robin is an awesome leader with vision and drive.  She remains focused on her personal vision at all times and that is demonstrated by the growth of the team AND the success of the team.  It takes teamwork to make the dream work. 
      Congratulations to you all on your individual accomplishments.  Carole, I can't wait to meet you in Atlanta and congratulate you personally on your promotion to Emerald Manager in July.  Isn't it amazing how making the decision to say yes to this opportunity has become a life changing moment in a lot of our lives?
      Your executive council members (and business partners) in the Detroit area (Mardi, Janine and myself) continue to remain commited to helping you ALL achieve your individual goals, whatever they might be.  Like Char said last night, the growth of the community by over 4000 consultants is phenomenal and record breaking.  Now the really challenging and gratifying work begins.  TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING, GATHERINGS, GATHERINGS, GATHERINGS, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT.
      Look for more information from me on "The $35 recruitment blitz in July was a huge success.  Now What?"
      Congratulations again Robin, Carole and the Aloha Spirit Team!!
      LaNita Gragg-Jennings
      Executive #3626
      (248) 298-6549

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      From: Robin R. Hodges <ricert@...>
      To: alohaspirit@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: mardiw007@...; 'Janine V. Scott' <Janinev@...>; 'Lanita Gragg Jennings' <lgjenni@...>
      Sent: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 23:48:41 -1000
      Subject: Did I say July would be OFF THE CHAIN?!?!

      Aloha Team!
      All I can be is overwhelmed right now.  Our July was more than HUGE. It was MEGA, GIGUNDA, HUMONGOUS!!!!  And it is all because of your hard work and your passion for our wonderful company, it's products and the FABULOUS business opportunity we have to share
      In July, the Aloha Spirit Team added 38 new consultants to our ranks and sold over $19,000 group volume.  I want to give a warm ALOHA E COMO MAI to all of our new consultants:
      ·        DEBRA A BUIE
      ·        BERNADETTE DALLAM
      ·        BRENDA A HOLLOWAY
      ·        LUCRETIA GORDON
      ·        TERRI A RAINEY
      ·        ROBIN D JONES
      ·        RAVEN C ROYAL
      ·        SONYA SMITH
      ·        CHARISA BELL
      ·        JAMIKA T YOUNG- MELVER
      ·        SANDRA BRUNSON
      ·        SCHRONDA CALIP
      ·        TINA PARKER
      ·        ERICKA L HALL
      ·        SUZANNE HURST
      ·        LACOLE R TOWNSEND
      ·        SONJI S WILLINGHAM
      ·        EA PORTER - MAC MILLAN
      ·        KETIA T VIAULT
      ·        PILAR E MUDD
      ·        JOY C L BRYAN
      ·        ADRENACE V WILLIAMS
      ·        ROSHONDA M PARKER
      ·        SANDRA K THOMAS
      ·        EBONY L COOPER
      ·        Barbara M BRINKLEY
      ·        KHATALINA C JOHNSON
      ·        KENYA M WILLS
      ·        VALERIA B MONEY- PRICE
      ·        ADAAREMA S KELLY
      ·        DIAAUSTIN
      ·        MELISSA BICKHAM
      ·        TINA SMITH
      ·        BELINDA KELKER
      ·        SHERYL WADE
      ·        JAYETEE THOMAS
      Many of you achieved exceptional recognition due to your sales and recruiting efforts.
      Bronze Consultants ($500 GV)
      • Debra Buie
      • Marsha Johnson
      • Normia Carter
      • Evelyn Bruce
      • Micki Fine
      • Christa Thomas (requal)
      • Barbara Brinkley
      • Khatalina Johnson
      • Cortenia Just-Bourgeois/Valerie Ladson-Just
      • Audricia McKinney (requal)
      • Sonya Smith
      • Tina Parker
      • Seanta 'C' Williams (requal)
      TOPAZ Consultants ($1000 GV + at least 1 Active Con)
      • Kenya Stokes
      • Roshonda Parker
      • Valerie Money-Price
      • Robin Jones
      $500 Club ($500 PV + 1 at least Active Con)
      • Valerie Money-Price
      • Carole Reynolds
      • Kenya Stokes
      • Roshonda Parker
      • Robin Jones
      $1500 Club
      • Robin Jones
      • Roshonda Parker
      I am also so proud to announce that CAROLE REYNOLDS has promoted to EMERALD MANAGER!!!! You don't know proud and excited I am to have her on my team. The Fruits of Wisdom Team is on the move and growing by leaps and bounds. Carole is so deserving of this title. She works her business consistently and is a wonderful support to her awesome team.  For this accomplishment, Carole received a FABULOUS, green, dupioni silk tablecloth valued at $150.  Go, Carole! You will now be 'Seen in GREEN' at the Warm Spirit Conference!
      So, what's in store for August? Well, we will keep this ship a' sailin' on!  Two of our team's top producers, Roshonda Parker and Robin Jones are planning to go for promotion to Emerald Manager in August.  I'm going to ride that wave all the way out to sea and go for EXECUTIVE in August myself. But that's not all...
      Stay tuned for a deliciously enticing Aloha Spirit Team promotion for August.  Details to following shortly!!!! I know how much you guys like free gifts and prizes! More to come!
      Speaking of free gifts and prizes, Roshonda Parker is the winner of our recruiting promotion for personally sponsoring at least 3 consultants in July. Congratulations, Roshonda!  I have $50 for you and Janine Scott (our newly promoted EXECUTIVE out of Detroit, Michigan) is sending the other $50.
      Mahalo for all your hard work and support... Keep up the great work! Remember, in 2005, BE UNSTOPPABLE!
      Nurturing is our Heart; Empowerment is our Soul.
      Warm Spirit
      Robin Rice Hodges
      Emerald Manager, #10961
      2362-F Gemini Ave.
      Honolulu, HI 96818

      tel: 808.423.9988
      fax: 808.423.9988
      mobile: 808.386.2936
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