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  • I hate to land this on the group list, but I have tried to unsubscribe four times. Each time I have received a message that I cannot unsubscribe because I am not registered at that email address -- the actual email address to which I receive TWO of each message posted. So please unsubscribe me if you can. I will be back in the fall and re-up at that time. I'm headed to Snow Camp...
    Gerald Argetsinger May 30, 2002
  • I HAD to comment on this one! In July, there will be a Harry Houdini stamp issued. This will be released in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Society of American Magicians, of which Houdini was the president for many years. My point? -- It took the SAM over 30 YEARS to get such a famous figure as Houdini on a postage stamp!!!!! So if we all begin now ... our children...
    Gerald Argetsinger May 3, 2002
  • Regarding a Blanding book ... Don't rule out vanity presses - or perhaps even better, electronic publishing. It is possible now to have a book stored electronically and print out only those copies that are ordered. These books are sold via the internet, Amazon.com, and so forth. Modern technolgy makes these inexpensive per copy and dramatically cuts down on up front investment...
    Gerald Argetsinger May 1, 2002
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  • lowry66 wrote: > Michael, > If you don't mind me asking, where did this copy of "Lore" end > up? According to newspaper accounts at the time, there were actually > 300 printed. The senior class (of which thee were 40 members) > published it. That was only the second annual published, the first > was the "Tomahawk" in 1905. > Any insight into the meaning of the nickname? I've alway...
    Gerald Argetsinger Feb 1, 2002
  • Happy Holidays Tj and everyone! It's actually Danish, but if you can read one you can read the other" "Good luck with the poem. We also eat "Christmas cake" in Denmark." That's their version of lefse. And to keep the moderator happy ... there has a lot of discussion about the Blanding illustrations. My personal favorites are in "Stowaways in Paradise." I love the sillouetted...
    Gerald Argetsinger Dec 18, 2001
  • Kaere Tj ~ Held og lykke ved digten. Vi spiser ogsaa julekage i danmark. Jerry
    Gerald Argetsinger Dec 17, 2001
  • I've really enjoyed all of the news about Scotty Creager this morning. Excellent work all around! Jerry
    Gerald Argetsinger Oct 15, 2001
  • Sorry -- I was a day late and a dollar short with my reply. I need to finish all my email before I get sanctimonious (which I really shouldn't do anyway). Jerry
    Gerald Argetsinger May 9, 2001
  • Not to be picky, but the actual title is "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" Jerry JoAnna Blanding-Koskinen wrote: > Hi, > > I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this, but the title you're > referring to is not, "Mr. Blanding's Dream House." The correct title is, > "Mr. Blandings Dream House." > > A very easy mistake to make.>;^) > > JoAnna Blanding-Koskinen > > ----- Original...
    Gerald Argetsinger May 9, 2001
  • My turn to go crazy. Cadia, I can't find my way into the photo files at all. I have the group bookmarked, but I've lost your site somehow. Could you send me the URL again ... sorry. It's times like these that I know I'm in the liberal arts instead of technology! Jerry
    Gerald Argetsinger Mar 28, 2001