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  • I'm changing my e-mail address from BearShadO@^$1 to bearshado@^$2 but don't know quite how to make it happen in my Yahoogroups. Any help would be appreciated [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    BearShado@aol.com Apr 3, 2003
  • Very Cool TJ.....you're a dynamo, Shad [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    BearShado@aol.com Dec 10, 2002
  • I know that I sure would like to attend a conference at Asilomar, whenever it happens. Haven't seen much of anything about it till today, thank YOU very much TJ. As I watch my own plans progressing, (the move to Oregon) I wonder how I'll make it all happen with the finesse first dreamed of, and so that kinda puts me on the back burner too, as in still bubbling, but not working up...
    BearShado@aol.com Sep 17, 2002
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  • ...Could anyone direct me to a location I could make a copy of it. Thanks a lot folks. This by the way is Shad O' in Sarasota, the ex-BearShadO, and the trip to Oregon is still happening. I've just found the camper, now to find the right truck to mount it on. Wheeeeeeee...
    Shad O'Hayes Sep 15, 2002
  • Aahaaa, So Ken, have you posted any of those prints to the web site yet? If so, where would I look to find them? Thanks...... Shad O' In a message dated 8/22/02 1:16:20 PM, kklein@^$1 writes: << Hi, The recent garage sale purchase of the Blanding drawing from caught my attention. Some of you might recall that a year or so ago I reported having a large proportion of the original...
    BearShado@aol.com Aug 22, 2002
  • Cadia, this is Shad o', aka bearshado, but for some strange reason, I can't seem to access the files or data base as bearshado OR as Olphaart, yet I've joined the group under both of these names, and even once as Bearshadoiam, and all the cookies seem to be lost. Any suggestions? All I can access are the messages and this way of contacting you. Help!
    olphaart Aug 14, 2002
  • Geez Keith, what a delightful thing to wake up to this morning. Thanks to you and Bev for sharing it. Now, because of the title of your note 'Franklyn MacCormack Reading', I have to ask you this..... Is that or is that NOT the voice of DB? It certainly is the same voice I heard on the CD, and the voice I've put with him in my mind ever since getting the CD. Who is/was Franklyn...
    BearShado@aol.com Aug 6, 2002
  • In a message dated 7/28/02 9:20:42 PM, keith2draw@^$1 writes: << Just thought I'd post a photo of my daughter...what the heck! http://www.hulapages.com/blue2.jpg Keith >> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Like whatta Blessing! There's something about looking into the beautiful, trusting eyes of a child that takes me right back to the arms of God. I feel that they...
    BearShado@aol.com Jul 29, 2002
  • Sheeeesh! You guys are getting me excited here in Sarasota. We've got a beautiful library, and I've got some time. This could be another wonderful avenue for personal growth you're sharing here. Thanks again friends... Shad O' the Big Smile In a message dated 7/25/02 10:36:07 PM, keith2draw@^$1 writes: << Cadia, I'm having as much fun with the 1923 microfilm. Time travel is a...
    BearShado@aol.com Jul 26, 2002
  • Cadia!! I knew you were sleuthing, I read what you were doing months ago, but it didn't click as to how involved it was, or how fascinating it could be. I kinda imagine it can be exhausting as well, from eye strain and perhaps a bit of carpal tunnel effort with the treasures you glean. Does the Microfilm reader allow you to hook up to the computer and copy and paste these pearls...
    BearShado@aol.com Jul 26, 2002