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Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Ivirness?

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Inverness is quite near tj s home and I will be researching this area real soon. My daughter lives in San Anselmo, a short drive from Inverness. We will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2000
      Inverness is quite near tj's home and I will be researching this area
      real soon. My daughter lives in San Anselmo, a short drive from Inverness.
      We will be having a weekend excursion and lunch there soon. I will, as
      always, just walk in like I own the place and see what happens.......
      *** Additional updates on researching DB are very exciting. tj was in
      contact with the Carmel Heritage Society today and it is almost certain that
      we will be invited to do an exhibit/show at the First Murphy House in Carmel
      for 6 weeks starting 9-4-00. Hows that folks!!! We are progressing into the
      Carmel fabric much faster than I thought. Bev deserves a lot of praise, as
      she had quite an impact during her visit in Carmel. I had a lengthy talk
      with them today and they know virtually nothing about DB but were very
      interested in learning about him and thus a show was born.....As such, we now
      have a target date to get information together....I will need some of your
      assistance in this. I have a small cache of DB artifacts, books, letters,
      etc. They have cases to put my ceramic ware into so it cannot be touched by
      guests, etc. They have a $25,000 policy on theft, breakage, etc and burglar
      alarms for protection. What I now have to do is put together a display that
      is professional looking and representative of DB and how we want him to be
      viewed by the public. I will be reviewing all that I own for display
      purposes. If anyone has the courage to put on "loan" some of their DB
      artifacts, I'm sure we could coordinate that. WELL THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN
      I also discussed the possibility of having the museum in Lawton
      Oklahoma, put on loan all of their DB artifacts to the First Murphy House.
      There is interest, but then you get into shipping costs, insurance costs,
      possible breakage, etc, though I will say, they did not say no, it can't be
      done.....I have a bigger picture ahead of me here that I am hustling and will
      need to pursue other financial avenues if we are to pull these things off.
      For immediate purposes I do not go to the creation of a Foundation. I go to
      Foundation Grants for the Arts that we might apply for to get some capital to
      accomplish what we want. I think that the staff atMuseum's would know a
      little about this and wonder if Desoto Brown at the Bishop might be helpful
      in this pursuit. How about our Hawaii connections pursuing this idea with
      Desoto? Any takers out there? Maui Tom, are you there??? Bill Boyd are
      you there??? Ron Jacobs are you there? Harry Soria, are you there? No
      pressure you know, just pandering again (smile)......
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