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[aloha-donblanding] Re: Interesting item seen on ebay....

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      << Need to consult an expert on prints before bidding on the Blanding print.
      is unclear to me if it is worth $750 in objective artistic terms, but those
      of us who love DB will pay what it takes I suspect regardless of real market

      I'd be interested in seeing an objective appraisal on something like
      this... It seems to me that Don was so prolific that items like this
      shouldn't the THAT hard to find in collections. $750.00 seems extremely
      steep to me for a 12 inch by 9 inch piece, but then, what do I know? Like I
      have written earlier, I bought my first few autographed (with the little
      goofus bird...) books of Don's for $3-4 each. I can xerox a page I
      particularly like, put it on nice paper, frame it cheaply and have a nice
      Blanding "print" on my wall for under $4.00.... I've seen people do it! :-)
      Anyway, it would be interesting to see if the seller gets this much. or,
      my suspicion is, that we will see him back on ebay trying to sell it in a
      couple of weeks.

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