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[aloha-donblanding] Lots of images added to the Vault

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  • Cadia Los
    Curt, So we have another photo natcher! In the Vault, you will find a folder labeled Illustrations. A subfolder is called Don Blanding. This is where DB
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 8, 2000
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      Curt,So we have another photo "natcher!"In the Vault, you will find a folder labeled "Illustrations." A subfolder is called "Don Blanding." This is where DB illustrations should go. The title would include the book title and the illustration name, if there is one. There's also a Vernon Kilns folder, which you've discovered.I like your addition of the folder "Book Covers" -- which can be limited only to those and dust jackets. A folder for each book is not necessary. You'll note that I amended the "jpg" file names to descriptive titles. I don't know if you have the option of editing your entries; if not, that can be arranged.As for the miscellaneous title pages or dedication pages, perhaps these should have a separate folder?Do you have webspace, onto which you can copy Jean's very thorough explanation of the differences between Leaves from a Grass-House editions? Then you could create a mini webpage for it and upload to the vault. As I've done for the book reviews? If not, let me know and I'll do it.Thanks again for all the contributions!~~Cadia
    • Cadia Los
      Curt, I have moved some of the images from Book Covers to Illustrations - Don Blanding, and will do a few more tomorrow. In the process, I am editing
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 8, 2000
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        Curt,I have moved some of the images from "Book Covers" to "Illustrations - Don Blanding," and will do a few more tomorrow. In the process, I am editing images to eliminate extraneous material and resizing to reduce the number of KB's. Photopoint is very useful for modifying images.Since you have "borrowed" images from other sources without permission, we do have to be careful about using them. This is a sensitive issue among eBay sellers. I really don't want to be sued! But, by doing some minor cropping, I can make the images appear more generic, as if we had done the scans from books we own.The Memory Room composite may have to go. The file size is too large, the scan too identifiable. I tried to resize it but the clarity suffered. I've already uploaded that particular photo of DB, I have both cover and dust jacket images on Photopoint, and any of us who own the book can pull representative illustrations.Nonetheless, this is a great start. Eventually, we can acquire the best images and then retire the others.~~Cadia
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