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  • Gerald Argetsinger
    I found a few more personal items . . . but don t hold your breathes -- nothing shocking. In fact, these are all examples of the kinds of things he typically
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2000
      I found a few more personal items . . . but don't hold your breathes -- nothing shocking. In fact, these are all examples of the kinds of things he typically sent -- friendly, but nothing personal.

      This is a small cache of brief notes written 1948-49 and all mailed from Hollywood -- so Don was clearly there between Florida and Bend, Ore.

      First is a post card - picture is of Mr. Baker, CA in the winter.
      Reverse 1154 N. Ogden Dr
      Hollywood 46 Calif.
      Nov. 18, 1948
      Aloha . . .
      Thanks a lot for your letter.  I'm really zooming so excuse the skimpiness. Mighty happy you enjoyed all the material I sent.  Happy holidays, DB with bird drawing.

      Next appears to be a hand-written letter, although it could be printed.  Some expert will have to look at it.  It seems to be "generic" but produced to look personal.  It is on water-marked, 25% rag content bond stationary.

      (not dated)
      Aloha, Friend, Here it is--at last!  Another long-held dream come true.  I wanted to record Vagbond's House myself, with myown voice and interpretation, with beautiful special musical background.  I determined to wait until I could find absolute top quality of production, recording and presentation.
          "Tempo Records" provided this top quality, in every way.  It isn't often that a dream comes true better than we dream it.  I ask only that you hear Vagabond's House and a group of other favorites as Tempo produced them.
          If you haven't a record player yourself, some of your friends have--a hint to the wise!
          You were the ones who sent the book Vagabond's House to its 40th edition through your friendliness -; you will zoom Vagabond's House records to the top.
          Thank you and Aloha always. (bird drawing - signed) Don Blanding

      Next is an actual photo 5x8 that is reproduced in some DB books. DB sits in profile, facing left, hands on the keyboard of his typewriter, cigarette in cigarette holder in his mouth, flanked by two oil burning lamps which illuminate the nightime scene.  In the lower right corner of the photo he has typed
                              "Two things I shall always desire . .
                                  Candles for light . . and a wood fire.
          (hand signed) Aloha (bird drawing) Don Blanding

      Next is my favorite -- A printed notecard on high quality, textured paper; his own drawing depicting a very well built Centaur, leaping up with left arm back, ready to throw a sharp-pointed lance.  Along the bottom is a Japanese-style wave with his own name in blocked lettering:  Don Blanding.  (It's really quite sensuous)
      Inside is the brief hand-written inscription:
      "Aloha (bird drawing) Happiest wishes.  Don Blanding   Dec 23, 1948  had a cheerful note from Bert."

      Finally is a printed form that appears to have been provided for an autograph session.  Some of the text is printed with the blanks filled in by DB in his own hand. The picture on the left side of this foldover is 4x6 1/2 showing a standard pic of DB in white, short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt (native dancer motif), white lei, smiling as he signs a book.  I"ll put his hand written part in quotes:
                              To "Ruth L. Thompson"
                              Hawaii says Aloha and so do I --
                              Aloha (bird picture)
                  (hand drawn bird picture) "Joy to you!  Don Blanding May 12, 1955  WaiKiKi"

      Note -  I do not know who Ruth Thompson is, she has an Upper Darby, PA address.

      Perhaps these items will help with the time line.


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