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Aunty Pinau Kalaukalani by keith, 11/18/01

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      Aunty Pinau Kalaukalani

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      Sun Nov 18, 2001 2:55 pm


      We've all wondered about Auntie Pinau...who Blanding mentions in
      Hula Moons. There is also a character with that name in Stowaways in
      Paradise. In Memory Room (1935) Blanding dedicates a poem to her,
      which often made me wonder if she died that year. Not so, as
      I've recently discovered.

      Harry Owens, the popular Hawaiian band leader from the thirties and
      forties, wrote an autobiography entitled SWEET LEILANI in 1970. He
      has a chapter entitled `Auntie Pinau.' He met her in 1933
      shortly after he got the job of band leader for the Royal Hawaiian
      Hotel (the old director Johnny Noble had become quite deaf.) He
      wanted to compose a bunch of tunes based on traditional Hawaiian
      songs, and was advised to meet with Auntie Pinau in Pupukea. At that
      time she was described as "a smiling, gracious, adorable young
      lady of eighty Hawaiian summers."

      Pinau was the caretaker of Aikane the Kahuna, venerable last of the
      priests of Polynesia. Harry Owens became friends with both Auntie
      Pinau and Aikane, and in 1946 or 1947, when Aikane passed away, Pinau
      was seen by neighbors "walking slowly, silently and alone, down
      the mountain. In her arms she cradled a package, the size and shape
      of a large book." She had mailed Aikane's Hawaiian Book of the
      Dead, Onipaa, to Harry Owens...a great honor. "Auntie Pinau was
      never seen nor heard from again. And, on the very night following
      Auntie's disappearance, Pele, the Fire Goddess, had paid a visit
      to the mountain and the Long House of Aikane. At dawn, only ashes

      So we can deduce that Auntie Pinau Kalaukalani was born circa
      1853...and passed away around 1946...thus making her about 93
      when she died. She seems to have been quite famous in her day, and
      knew all the important people of the time. Surely there's some
      kind of record of her life somewhere.



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