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Re: [aloha-donblanding] James C. Blanding - Livingston, MT

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    The Yellowstone Museum curator emailed with me and they found no photo s of James C. Blanding. I m seeking photo s of any road crews if they exist so I can
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      The Yellowstone Museum curator emailed with me and they found no photo's of
      James C. Blanding. I'm seeking photo's of any road crews if they exist so I can
      review them and by chance see a young DB. I really doubt anything exists in
      terms of photo's. There is a small hill inside Yellowstone named Blanding Hill
      that was named after James C. Blanding who graded the road around the hill and
      so was named after him. It really isn't critical but it would be fun to see a
      young DB working with his uncle. What I remember was that young DB would come
      to Livingstone via railroad and met his uncle. The train went to Gardner, the
      gateway to Yellowstone, where I suspect young DB stayed with his uncle. I have
      one photo of a 16 year old DB dressed in his Yellowstone work garb and I'd like
      to get one of him in Yellowstone proper. Oh well. We are not going further
      than Montana this year. From here we head to Las Vegas then home. tj

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      Good morning, TJ . . .

      I believe DB worked for his Uncle James C. Blanding in 1909, possibly 1910 and
      1911. In the summers of 1912 and 1913, DB was in Bend, Oregon, working for his
      cousin Charles S. Hudson.

      From my notes -- which are at home and I'm at work -- James C. was pretty well
      known in the Yellowstone N.P. area so you should be able to find something about
      him -- maybe even a photo? I think I have some newspaper clips about his work
      as a surveyor -- will dig them out tonight and e-mail you the citations. Be
      sure to check the local newspaper morgues or at the nearest college, university
      or historical society in the general area.

      By the way, I just confirmed that both James C. and his 2nd wife Mary are buried
      at Fairmount Cemetery (Fairhaven?) in Wahpeton, Richland County, ND. About 6
      members of the Blanding family are also buried here (several brothers and a
      sister, including the elusive Libby, I think). Will you be going in that

      More later!


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