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Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Origins of Vagabond's House Poem

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    Thanks Cadia. I do have other information. I ll sketch it out, as it differs a bit from what you say about the origins of Vagabond s House. It s still up
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      Thanks Cadia. I do have other information. I'll sketch it out, as it differs a
      bit from what you say about the origins of Vagabond's House. It's still up for
      some interpretation. The future editions of Leaves of Grass changed. I don't
      how many editions there were of Leaves from a Grass House but I do have #6,8&9.
      I'm quite interested in the early Star Bulletin columns, especially the one
      about Putnam . I'll sketch out my version and post it tomorrow. tj

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      I recall a brief item in the Star-Bulletin (maybe 1926 or 1927) about a book of
      DB's poems to be published on the mainland. Not sure it was to be titled
      Vagabond's House, but George Putnam's name was mentioned. I have not yet
      indexed these 2 years but I'll try to locate the article sometime this weekend.

      Vagabond's House (the poem) was never published in the Star-Bulletin; it is far
      too long. I have read ALL of 1917-1928 with a few exceptions. Keith read 1922
      and part of 1924 and sent me copies; neither of us could get microfilm for May
      1923 (we tried several times). I'll be at the Hawaii State Library in Honolulu
      next week and will make one last try to find that missing month.

      The poem is said to have evolved from the Aji-No-Moto ads, but having collected
      almost all of those ads from 1922-23 I can honestly say that except for the
      reference to spices and condiments, there is no direct connection. However,
      these ads were DB's first at writing verse for publication; no doubt the
      popularity of the ads encouraged him to do more writing. Remember, he was an
      artist, not a writer; the ad-writing assignment was by pure chance.

      In September 2006, there was a typewritten version of Vagabond's House for sale
      on eBay. (I did not win it.) The title was "Vagabond House" and I think there
      were slightly fewer verses and in different order than the finished poem. I
      made comparisons at the time but did not take notes or, if I did, I can't find
      them. The typescript was undated and may or may not have been from DB's
      typewriter. I saved images from that auction, but only one is large enough to
      be readable; all the others are the size of a postage stamp! I'll try to upload
      the single image here.

      One could say that the first publication of the poem Vagabond's House was in
      Leaves From a Grass House (1923). This version begins with the ttitle "Some
      Lines Scrawled on the Door of Aloha House" and continues as "Aloha House."
      Combined, there are 10 segments; most of the lines found their way into the
      final version published in 1928 by Dodd, Mead & Co.


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