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Re: I have found Mike Hanapi!

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  • Cadia
    Hello, all ... A few more notes on Mike Hanapi, which may spur some of us to find either recordings or sheet music relative to The Hanapi Trio or Kalama s
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 16, 2010
      Hello, all ...

      A few more notes on Mike Hanapi, which may spur some of us to find either recordings or sheet music relative to The Hanapi Trio or Kalama's Quartet:

      Among recent finds are newspaper ads or tidbits from 1928 and 1938. First is a Pioneer Music Co. ad from the Emporia Gazette (KS) of March 10, 1928. The ad details the newest releases from Brunswick Records, including No. 3760, Drowsy Waltz and Happy Hula Girl, instrumentals by The Hanapi Trio. This extends the trio's recording career somewhat later than Bob Brozman's notes indicate.

      The second ad, by Jones-O'Neal Furniture Company, appears in the Port Arthur News (TX) on May 27, 1928. At the top of the Brunswick list is No. 3759-A Indiana March and the "B" side Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight, both instrumentals by the trio. A couple of modern CD compilations of 1920s hapa haole music include Indiana March. It should be noted that Brunswick made recording machines, hence the furniture company ad is quite appropriate!

      From The Seattle Times of August 12, 1928, I have an item titled "What's New in Recorded Music" that says: "Hawaiian Bluebird" is the title of a new island number offered by Brunswick. This is played by the Hanapi Trio, which is a "pure" Hawaiian instrumental trio. (Brunswick 3833.)

      Next is an August 16, 1928, ad from the Port Arthur News in which Stoneburner Electric co. advertises Brunswick selections. The ad mentions No. 3833 Hawaiian Bluebird and its flip side, Hawaiian Smiles; both are waltzes.

      In the "Highlights of Radio" column from the New Orleans Times-Picayune of October 6, 1938, appears this entry:

      Voice of Hawaii -- The Hawaiian Orchestra will be featured during "The Voice of Hawaii" program over NBC-WDSU at 11:15 p.m. Also heard on the program will be Honolulu Girls Glee Club and Mikael Hanapi, guitarist.

      A couple of weeks later, on October 20, 1938, the Ogden Standard Examiner (UT) includes this item:

      Hawaiian Music Broadcast Set

      Authentic music of Hawaii, played and sung by native Hawaiians, will be heard during a broadcast from Honolulu tonight from ten-fifteen to ten-thirty o'clock, over KLO and the NBC-Blue Network.

      The Honolulu Girls' Glee Club and Mikael Hanapi, guitarist, will be featured with an Hawaiian orchestra.

      Since both broadcasts were actually live, not recorded, it appears that Hanapi, the glee club and the orchestra performed on more than one occasion. Or perhaps by 1938 transcriptions were the norm for broadcasts from Hawaii?

      In perusing an online Brunswick catalog, I also came across two recordings by The Hanapi Trio in the 4000 series (4000-4499) recorded between June 1928 and August 1929. No. 4039 contains Dreamy Hilo Bay and Hawaiian Twilight; No. 4057 offers Lei Lani (Wreath of Flowers) and Sweet Kalua Lady. The lower numbers suggest a recording date closer to June 1928 than later.

      The same source finds No. 3662, guitar duets by Hanapi and Kaleipua of Hanalei Bay (the "A" side) and Song of Hawaii. I'm fairly sure that's our boy Mike; whether acoustic steel or slack key guitar (or both) I don't know.

      And yes, I know that an eBay seller in Argentina is offering No. 3662! So tempting, but I'll pass. Old 78s shatter too easily when sent by mail.

      OK, so the hunt is on for sheet music and Hanapi Trio recordings!

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