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  • JHH
      Hi Cadia, I actually lived with Ada ( Aunty) when she lived with Helen ( Mamoo) and at that time, I never even knew her name, it was always just Aunty ,
    Message 1 of 22 , Jul 2, 2009
      Hi Cadia, I actually lived with Ada ( Aunty) when she lived with Helen ( Mamoo) and at that time, I never even knew her name, it was always just "Aunty", just as I never called my grandfather Loren "Grandfather", we always called him 'Pope', including his own son Alan (Buddy), although his four daughters always called him 'daddy', I do, however remember that DON B. never forgot my grandmother, and every so often would write her a letter or send a postcard with a sketch or doodle on it, and she'd show me.  By the way Helen ( Mamoo) was the greatest scrabble player I'd ever seen, she had the highest score of anybody I'd ever seen , she scored "504', to my "316", and as I mentioned before, she had great literary ability, which was never used, because she was basically a housewife, and almost deaf, so we all had to shout at her, all her kids, my aunts and uncle, grew up with powerful resonating voices, including myself if I need to, although I speak with
      a low drawl naturally.
      To bad, when We are kids, we don't think to ask questions about certain things that we would like to know later. It's fun recalling a few of these things for the forum.

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      Hi, Jack ...

      Thanks for adding your remembrance of your Aunt Ada and Uncle Joe. Do you know what year they married?

      In the past year or so I've added quite a bit of genealogical information to the Files. Based on the 1900 census, and the fact that Louis P. and Sarah were married in 1869, Ada was born in April 1871, not in 1867. Here's what I have:

      1900 Census: Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
      Series: T623 Roll: 499 Page: 66
      Enumeration: June 1
      Page 66, A & B

      Household: 423 North Walnut Street

      Smith, D. W., b. Jan. 1832, age 68, married 38 years, widowed?, b. New York, dentist

      Champion, A. S., daughter, b. June 1864, married 6 years, divorced?, b. Ohio

      Champion, P. C., grandson, b. Aug. 1891, age 8, b. Kansas or Ohio, parents b. Ohio

      Hudson, Sarah, roomer, b. July 1849, age 51, married 31 years, 4 children, all living; b. WI, father b. PA, mother b. WI, dressmaker

      Hudson, Ada, roomer [daughter], b. April 1871, age 29, married, b. MN, father b. MI, mother b. WI, stenographer

      Hudson, Louis, roomer, [son], b. April 1882, age 18, single, b. Dakota Territory, father b. MI, mother b. WI, news agt. on RR

      Hudson, Helen, roomer [daughter], b. October 1888, age 11, single, b. KS, father b. MI, mother b. WI, at school
      My questions are:

      Where is Louis P. in 1900? Why is Ada listed as "Hudson" but married? Where is her husband? Where is her brother Charles S.?

      I do know that Charles (b. 2/5/1874) married Gertrude Elsie McCormick in 1902 and they were living in Tishomingo, OK, in 1905 when their son Donald M. was born. About 1906 or 1907, the family removed to Bend, OR, where they remained about 25 years. They later surfaced in Southern California, where Charles S. died on 11/9/1953.

      Any clues you can provide?

      By the way, folks, let's not confuse our Ada's here. Ada Hudson is Sarah Kimble's daughter married to Joseph Burbank; Ada Kimble Philley is Sarah's younger sister married to Issaac L. Philley; Ada Martin supposedly is Elizza A., 1878 bride of Albert Kimble, Sarah's elder brother.

      Then there's DB's aunt Emma Blanding, whose husband was J. Q. Burbank. Probably no connection to Joseph Burbank, but you never know with these families!

      Are we confused yet?


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    • John Hudson Hertzog
      Hi Cadia I forgot to mention that I don t know much about Helen Hudson s siblings, never asked when I was a kid, though I met one of Pope s brothers one time,
      Message 2 of 22 , Jul 2, 2009
        Hi Cadia I forgot to mention that I don't know much about Helen Hudson's siblings, never asked when I was a kid, though I met one of Pope's brothers one time, he came through Saint Louis, I think he was about 65.
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