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Re: Mystery solved! Diamond Head Theater's mislabeled photos identified

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  • Curt Blanding
    Great work Cadia! That photo is very similar to the one I found. The costumes look identical and it looks like the same people. I uploaded my copies to the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2008
      Great work Cadia!

      That photo is very similar to the one I found. The costumes look
      identical and it looks like the same people. I uploaded my copies to
      the photo albums area. To me, it looks very likely that the photo is

      Both the April 9, 1917 and the Nov. 22, 1917 articles seem to fit
      with these photos. They probably performed this piece several times.

      Thanks, Curt

      --- In aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com, "Cadia Los" <duchess@...>
      > Hello, all ...
      > Finally I have a definite answer to Curt's inquiry (message #3751
      > 4-16-2005).
      > The photos of Don Blanding and Florence Butler are from a
      > presentation by the Ballet Russe at the Laniakea theater on
      > 21 and 22, 1917.
      > This photo
      > http://myglassduchess.freeyellow.com/images9/db-sultan1917.jpg
      > and an accompanying article appeared in the Pacific Commerical
      > Advertiser (Honolulu Advertiser) on Thursday, November 22, page 1,
      > Section 2, columns 3-5, and continued on page 4, column 3.
      > The photo is captioned:
      > "Miss Florence Butler as Scheherezade and Donald Blanding as the
      > Sultan in the pantomime ballet of Scheherezade, given last night as
      > the first number of the Ballet Russe at Laniakea. Ivan Bankoff and
      > Aimee Maynard are the two visiting stars who take the principal
      > parts."
      > Although I do not have time this weekend to transcribe the full
      > article, here are a few excerpts:
      > "Miss Florence Butler was a regal sultana, and her partner, Donald
      > Blanding, was a figure of splendor."
      > "One of the most beautiful features of the evening was the
      > done by Miss Madeline Sachs and Donald Blanding, with the help of
      > the local girls who took part."
      > "Donald Blanding and Arthur Wyman, the two local men who had
      > prominent parts to fill, were the chief figures in the magic fire
      > dance, in which the only light on the stage came from braziers in
      > which the dancing girls threw from time to time red and blue fire.
      > It was weirdly interesting, and the clever shadow dancing of Arthur
      > Wyman gave his talent excellent scope."
      > "Credit for the original costumes must be given to Donald Blanding,
      > whom designed them, and Mrs. Bernie Williams, who superintended
      > their construction."
      > Earlier in November, as reported in the Advertiser of November 9,
      > the Lanai Players presented a trio of one-act playlets at
      > Laniakea. "Before the last play Don Blanding made announcement
      > Ivan Bankoff, the Russian dancer who is stopping over in Honolulu,
      > would give four nights of the miniature Russian Ballet on November
      > 21, 22, 23 and 24. On the first two nights Scheherezade will be
      > given, followed by solo dances by the stars, Mr. Bankoff and Miss
      > Aimee Maynard. The last two nights 'The Death of a Swan' will be
      > the main feature, with entirely different solo dances to follow."
      > For the three playlets, Blanding is listed as being in charge of
      > scenery.
      > Tomorrow, I expect to finish reading microfilm from the 1917
      > Advertiser and will report later in the week what other goodies I
      > have found.
      > ~~Cadia
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