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[aloha-donblanding] Re: Hawaii 1915

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  • Keith Emmons
    Cadia, Maybe the three days before Christmas was mentioned in Hula Moons, which I haven t had a chance to read yet. Anyone have a copy they are trying to
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 22, 2000
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      Maybe the "three days before Christmas" was mentioned in Hula Moons,
      which I haven't had a chance to read yet. Anyone have a copy they are
      trying to sell? I don't remember the Current Biography article
      mentioning a date of arrival... I will have to check again.

      Yes Cadia, I'm developing a who's who in DB's life... it's been very
      useful to me in connecting the dots, so to speak. Just today I received
      a small bio and photo of Charles Russell Frazier, the founder of the
      advertising agency where DB worked. The list must have over 150 people
      on it so far, and constantly growing. I will upload it into the vault
      sometime before I leave next week.

      I won a bid on ebay today (for just $3.26) which is rather interesting.
      It's the sheet music to the theatrical production of 'Bird of
      Paradise', dated 1915. It has a wonderful Hawaiian illustration on the
      cover which I plan to frame. I will also upload a scan of that when I
      receive it. Also won the bid on the 1932 movie version on video... only
      to find out after that I could have gotten it at Amazon.com for less.
      If anyone wants a copy, it sells for $5.99 plus shipping at Amazon.

      Found out more about 'Bird of Paradise' in a book about Hawaiian music.
      "The play opened January 8, 1912, at Daly's Theater in New York
      starring Laurette Taylor, Lewis S. Stone, and Theodore Roberts. After
      it's successful debut in New York, th play went on the road to various
      American and Canadian cities with a different cast and different
      Hawaiian players. On tour Lenore Ulrich replaced Laurette Taylor. It
      played before packed houses in almost every city from Boston to

      Also on sale right now on ebay is a theater brochure on the movie
      "Hawaii Calls" starring Bobby Breen, which was based on 'Stowaways in
      Paradise.' It's selling for $25 so far... too steep for me. I emailed
      the seller, and he says he has others.

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