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Happy Birthday, Don Blanding!

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  • Cadia Los
    Hello, all ... I can t believe I let November 7 slide by without acknowledging DB s birthday! This would have been his 112th. Sounds like a long time ago
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 8, 2006
      Hello, all ...

      I can't believe I let November 7 slide by without acknowledging DB's
      birthday! This would have been his 112th. Sounds like a long time
      ago but, to keep it in perspective, I like to remember that my own
      youngest grandparent was 6 years old when DB was born in 1894.

      Today's my first weekday off in nearly 6 weeks, so I'll be at the
      library this afternoon to finish reading microfilm from the 1921
      Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

      We already know that DB's parents and brother arrived in Honolulu in
      June 1921, and that his father passed away several days later.

      I've now confirmed that DB was back in Honolulu by early February
      1921 -- he was appearing in a tableau at a Valentine's Day ball
      sponsored by the Outdoor Circle. Since there was no mention of DB's
      arrival in January, I imagine that he may have returned to Honolulu
      in late 1920.

      On November 2, 1921, DB -- "artist, designer and illustrator" --
      delivered the principal address at the weekly Ad Club luncheon, "his
      subject being the psychology of color as applied to display

      The November 5 edition mentions that DB is to open an evening class
      on "The Theory of Color" at Gurrey's Studio the following week. It
      is interesting to note that, at the time, Gurrey's was exhibiting "a
      distinguished group of painters of the far west" known collectively
      as the Taos society. Among them are Joseph H. Sharp, W. Herbert
      Dunton, Robert Henri and Ernest L. Blumenschein.

      On December 3, there's a short article that begins

      "Ye gods and little fishes!
      A. R. Gurrey's store looks like the aquarium.

      "The artistically artistic Don Blanding, aided and abetted by Mae
      Frazer, who is as artistically artistic as the Deboonair Don, and
      then some, have painted fishes on everything in the place."

      On December 8, DB was the "hero" in a Footlights Club presentation
      of "Enter the Hero" by Theresa Helburn, the drawing room comedy's
      first production in Honolulu.

      I have still to read the rest of December 1921 but, so far, that's
      all I have found about DB that year.

      Happy Birthday, DB!

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