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Re: [aloha-donblanding] Sally Rand

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    Well, I m 63yrs and never saw Sally Rand. But the fact that she was in Lawton says that DB had to have at least PEEKED at the bubbles and fans....Lets go
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      Well, I'm 63yrs and never saw Sally Rand. But
      the fact that she was in Lawton says that DB had to
      have at least "PEEKED" at the bubbles and fans....Lets
      go back a few years into the 60's and the fun we had.
      Cadia would remember the Wharf area of Seattle with
      the coffee houses, funkie guitar music, poetry and
      walls lined with books.......it was the "beat
      generation" of Kerouac.... with cold, foggy nights but
      the coffee was great. Thats where I discovered DB. I
      literally had DB's, Vagabonds House book drop into my
      lap one 3am morning and I couldn't put it down and was
      hooked. Here I am 44 years later still collecting and
      writing about him. It's kind of funny but Cadia and I
      were in Seattle in 1962 discovering DB at the very
      same time and here we are still discovering. The
      circle still circles and remains unbroken.....tj

      --- Allen Dayton <adayton@...> wrote:

      I wonder if anyone in this group besides me ever saw
      Sally Rand
      perform. I saw her at the Lawton Theater in Lawton
      Oklahoma. It was
      probably around 1952 or 1953. She must have been in
      her 60s and I was
      about 17 or 18. She was the last act of a burlesque
      show. The stage
      lights were dim and you could not see clearly but my
      buddies and I let
      our imagination go wild. She really was very good
      with the fans which
      were big ostrich plumes and the last thing she did was
      to pose for about
      2 seconds with the fans held out, one one each side.
      The debate among
      me and my friends was whether she had a nylon body
      suit on or not.

      My mother and dad also heard Don Blanding when he
      spoke in Lawton about
      1956 and my mother-in-law got him to sign some of his
      books she bought,
      probably in the 1940s in Oklahoma City.


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