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Re: Bend Oregon, Livingston, Gardner Montana

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  • keith2draw
    Hi Tom, How is your Blandingmobile trip going? ...where are you now? I am only now having time to sit down and review your comments about Yellowstone and Bend,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 20, 2005
      Hi Tom,

      How is your Blandingmobile trip going? ...where are you now?

      I am only now having time to sit down and review your comments about
      Yellowstone and
      Bend, Oregon. Great job on the new information! Very, very exciting
      to me.

      I have been spending a lot of my time putting a yard around our house
      (fencing, gate, patio, grass, river rock, trees, plants, etc...) and have had almost
      no time for research or ebay stuff. Our new baby is due in September and I'm trying to get
      the outside done on the new house before she arrives.

      Anyway, I'd like to comment on some of your findings:

      Tom: I have leads on a 1953 radio interview with DB in Bend.
      -- That's very cool...I'd love to hear it...or even just read the transcript.

      Tom: Also have a person, now 81 who has other info on Putnams and DB
      in Bend, 1912ish. He is writing up his story for me.
      -- Also very interesting. You should know that George Putnam wrote
      an autobiography which includes his time in Bend ...mentions being mayor, etc... I was
      told once by someone that Don was mostly friends with Dorothy, and that he and George
      didn't really get along that well. George thought that Don's poetry and art were a bit

      Tom: There is a James C. Blanding who helped cut roads through the (then) new
      Yellowstone park.
      -- Wow! I had tried to find out who the uncle was that Don visited
      in Yellowstone. My notes state that he first spent the summer of 1909 as a bus-boy with
      his uncle at the Old Faithful Inn. He then went back for the 1910 & 1911 summers.

      Tom: C.W. was DB's cousin whom he worked for at the First National
      Bank in 1912 after graduation from High School. I am assuming he lived with
      C.W. during this time but have no documentation of that yet.
      -- Remind me to look at my notes. I think I had figured out where
      Don stayed. I also have notes on where C.W. retired and died....San Diego, I believe.

      Tom: Meanwhile, as we know, he did some art work for the Bend
      Bulletin and a local cafe which escapes my memory right now.
      -- Corkett's Cafe...he did five posters for the owner, Charles H. Corkett.

      Tom: DB indicated that he and Don May were close buddies and climbed
      Mt. Jefferson to within 150ft, the last of which was too treacherous. He canoe'd,
      hiked, road horses and even tried a game of golf. He said he and Don May went down to
      the pasture by the Des Chute river and hit balls but he lost 3 balls and quit because they
      cost money and he had little. He indicated he wasn't very interested in golf, like the
      others were. There were too many gopher holes to golf there.
      -- It's great to hear these details (taken from the radio interview, I assume.) They climbed
      in July of 1913 and Don May left Bend the following month for the
      East coast. I did a little searching a few years back and found out that Donald Curtis May
      died in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1971 at the age of 82.

      Keep up the great sluething TJ! Give us an update when you get a chance.

      -- Keith
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