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Re: [aloha-donblanding] Franklyn McCormack's records Don Blanding poems

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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    I do have a copy of it but it is still sealed in its original wrapper, so, I won t open it up. I think Cadia is your best source of information. I do
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2004
      I do have a copy of it but it is still sealed in its original wrapper, so, I won't open it up. I think Cadia is your best source of information. I do remember a web site I tracked onto about 2 months ago that was dedicated to him. You might check that out also. Good luck..tj

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      I've been a long-time voyeur of your group, enjoying the chit-chat about  one <BR>
      of my favorite contemporary poets.  Yesterday, Paul Harvey mentioned  Don in <BR>
      the context of his and "his Angel's" honeymoon in Hawaii many years ago,  <BR>
      leading me to believe that perhaps he (who is a contemporary of Don's) might  just <BR>
      have known Don.  In any case, I was discussing Don with my friend  today who <BR>
      is also an admirer of those wonderfully expressive poems that we so  admire, <BR>
      and she mentioned that long ago she heard a recording of some of Don's  poems, <BR>
      and I think she might have heard the Franklyn McCormack rendition of  <BR>
      Vagabond's House.  I'd really love to find a copy of that as a Christmas  present for <BR>
      her.  Does anyone in the group have any idea of where I could  find one?  <BR>
      I'd really appreciate hearing about it.  I've been to the McCormack  site and <BR>
      seen listed several intriguing items, but nothing seems to be available  on <BR>
      EBay or at Amazon.<BR>
      Thanks in advance for any input.<BR>
      Franklyn MacCormack - Vagabond's House (Torch Records TST-100,  1971) After <BR>
      his death, Torch Records put out at least one set of  readings. "Volume 1. <BR>
      Franklyn MacCormack recites the Don Blandings Immortal  Classic The Vagabond's <BR>
      House and Farewell to Vagabond's House. Plus Carl  Sigman's Love Story and Rod <BR>
      McKuen & Jacques Brel's If You Go Away. Guitars  by Earl Backus and Pat Ferreri, <BR>
      vibes by Frank Rullo." <BR>
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