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Re: [aloha-donblanding] Baby Asa update

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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    All children are future DB historians. Welcome to the small crowd of our children and grandchildren that have (or wil have) an appreciation for DB and all
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2004
      All children are future DB historians. Welcome to the small crowd of our children and grandchildren that have (or wil have) an appreciation for DB and all artists in general. My granddaughter graduates on June 11th from High School and other than the usual cahiers check, she requested a copy of one of my DB original black/white pieces. She really likes DB. I'm assuming that Asa's picture was posted on Cadia's site? Did Sawtelle show up? I was hoping you two would connect and he would look at the H.A.A and then decide to donate his DB collection there as I will.....tj

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      From: Michael <mpfeffer@...>
      Sent: Jun 7, 2004 5:27 PM
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      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Baby Asa update


      Sorry for the personal nature of the posting, but I figured I ought <BR>
      to post an updated photo of my son Asa.  He is now almost 8 months <BR>
      old and rules our household with a small iron fist.  He is actually <BR>
      a dream baby and we are truly blessed to have him.  Now, if I can <BR>
      just get him to start collecting pottery...<BR>
      Not much new to report on that front.  A few interesting pieces on <BR>
      ebay, but mostly all is quiet.  Went to many many antique shops in <BR>
      Atlanta, including two giant malls with several thousand vendors in <BR>
      each mall and found exactly zero Blanding pieces and only two Vernon <BR>
      pieces of any kind.  <BR>
      For those interested in non-Blanding pottery, I did find some great <BR>
      pieces of the Anchor pattern by Tepco and Shenango that were used by <BR>
      the Navy in WWII while diving on Palmyra Atoll (about 1000 miles <BR>
      south of Hawaii).  The atoll was basically turned into an aircraft <BR>
      carrier by the Navy and they stationed something like 6000 men there <BR>
      during the war.  Lots of stuff just got bulldozed into the lagoon at <BR>
      the end of the war and I was amazed when I found numerous pieces of <BR>
      Tepco and Shenango in the sand (the jumbles of aircraft parts, other <BR>
      wreckage, and the 100 or so reef sharks made the dives quite <BR>
      interesting).  All in all a great trip to an amazing place and to <BR>
      find pottery just made it all the more special.<BR>
      Aloha, Michael<BR>

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