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Re: [aloha-donblanding] Kingfisher Free Press

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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    Now, thats great reading Keith...that puts some life into DB. Thanks for sharing. Also, I ve received no words from Cal-State Hayward and I m leaving
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 29, 2004
      Now, thats great reading Keith...that puts some life into DB. Thanks for sharing. Also, I've received no words from Cal-State Hayward and I'm leaving tomorrow for 6-7 weeks. I'll resume the search when I return in late March.
      Funny little story here; My Blanding exploits in Carmel have made me a few friends there....so, this year I will be involved in security at Pebble Beach, which is a plum job of all of them....so, I thank DB for the help. As it turned out, one of the 37 year veterans of Pebble Beach volunteers was a big DB fan and attended my show in 2000. So, she told me last year that she would find me a position appropriate for a Don Blanding nut! So, now I get to walk the course and look important.....so, look for the little grey bearded guy on TV....smile......See you all in late March......tj DB GOLFS???????

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      There's a definate echo in here...<BR>
      The Kingfisher Free Press published a special 60th anniversary issue on April 18, 1949 <BR>
      and had it bound in a large book format. I bought a copy off of ebay last week for <BR>
      $10, and it's wonderful! 144 pages of settler stories, photos, and illustrations. Tales <BR>
      of the land runs, early schools, businesses and churches. Also first-hand memories of <BR>
      Kingfisher by hundreds of the original settlers.<BR>
      There is a long letter reproduced by Don Blanding, written from his Ogden Drive <BR>
      studio, in which he tells about his families' time in Kingfisher:<BR>
      "I haven't a very good head for figures (numerical), so I don't recall dates accurately, <BR>
      but my father, Judge Hugh Ross Blanding, and my mother came down from the north <BR>
      for the "Run." They were briefly in Guthrie, then came to Kingfisher. I never liked to <BR>
      miss any excitement, so I got myself born in Kingfisher in either '93 or '94 (and I <BR>
      haven't figured that out yet since it seems that records of those days were burned, <BR>
      lost or used to paper houses somewhere around here).<BR>
      Memories of Kingfisher for me are limited to stories I heard after I got to the <BR>
      remembering age, as we moved to Enid in either '97 or '98."<BR>
      He goes on to describe an incident which apparently made the biggest impression on <BR>
      him in the telling and retelling of family lore. His older brothers and sister, along with <BR>
      some neighborhood friends, tied his baby buggy to a couple of dogs. They did the <BR>
      same with another baby and buggy and ran the two canine-driven contraptions down <BR>
      main street in an all-out race, the dogs chasing a cat. At the bottom of a hill the <BR>
      street curved sharply to one side, and the buggies overturned, throwing the babies <BR>
      onto the grass. It is a very humorouus accounting.<BR>
      Don went on to say "Evidently that conditioned me to a life of excitement, because I've <BR>
      been pursuing it ever since, landing in odd positions and landing wrong-side up in <BR>
      most of them, somewhat scratched, battered, but pleased with the excitement."<BR>
      He mentions he is working on a book titled "Restless Treasure" to be issued in 1950 <BR>
      (which of course ended up being titled A Grand Time Living.)<BR>

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