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      Thanks to all, yes, all of my relatives are clamoring for <BR>
      photos.  Will post one in teh coming days.  <BR>
      Would love to find out more about why certain patterns <BR>
      were so rare (aquarium seems obvious because it is hand <BR>
      painted) but some of the glamour patterns are positively <BR>
      scarce!  Perhaps they just didnt look good with food (why <BR>
      my wife doesnt like Hilo for example).<BR>
      Ciao, Micahel<BR>
      n Mon, 20 Oct 2003 20:57:21 -0700<BR>
        "Bev Leinbach" <bevbach@...> wrote:<BR>
      Michael T. Pfeffer<BR>
      President& CEO<BR>
      Persis Corporation<BR>


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      Michael: I miss the young ones. I have 7 grandkids, the youngest is 12, oldest is 20 and they are all in the I don't want to be seen with you stage...thats a bit tough for me right now. Send pic's of your boy, love to see them. Also, I have 3 glamour pieces. One cup/saucer set in the deeper maroonish color. Two plates, one 9 1/2 inch (lighter color) one 10 1/2 inch (deeper color). I don't know if there are two separate colors or if they might be from different runs and batches. I've bid on some other pieces but couldn't afford the final bidding prices they went for. Also, just for info, I now have the the 1952-1957 Carmel Pine Cone microfiche at my library. This will allow me to finish up my 1936-1957 review of DB in Carmel. I'll be sharing this work with the Carmel Library and the Pine Cone, once I have it in order, etc. They seem really excited to get this kind of work done for them and it may help us in the long run also. Lots of hidden treasures in Carmel area that I'm trying to dig up. Got another lead on some DB blocks and am trying to hunt down this person. Now that I'm home, I'm looking at the Carmel area Estate sales that I might drive up to if they look interesting. I have 3 bed/breakfast places that I'm trying to convince to allow me into their basements. There are insurance issues for them I guess, but I'm working on it. Never give up hope you know. Any suggestions on how to burglarize their basements? (smile)....Off to the library......tj
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