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  • kklein
    Hi again, My mistake: the title of the paper was Eventidings. I have some scattered issues (vol.8:1-2 (Oct-Nov 1940), vol.9:8 (Oct 1941), vol.10:2,4 (Dec
    Message 1 of 17 , Aug 8, 2001
      Hi again,

      My mistake: the title of the paper was "Eventidings." I have some
      scattered issues (vol.8:1-2 (Oct-Nov 1940), vol.9:8 (Oct 1941), vol.10:2,4
      (Dec 1941, April 1942). My father was editor for part of that time and
      Edyth Hope Genee a reporter. In the issue for Oct 1940, there is an
      article entitled, "Poetry Class Shows Talent," in which it is mentioned
      that the class (taught at that time by Julia Baldwin Hazelton), the
      Chaparral Poets are mentioned. Edyth Genee is also mentioned as a "former
      member of the class." So now I'm not so sure she was there in the late
      1930s, but at least close.


      On Thu, 9 Aug 2001 keith2draw@... wrote:

      > Hi Ken,
      > I don't know very much about the Hollywood Evening School, but it
      > seems to have endured for quite a few years. I did not know about the
      > newspaper "Eventides," and am glad to find out about it. Would there
      > be copies of this publication in a library somewhere?
      > The principal for many years was Herman C. Joy...and then Carl E.
      > Hendrickson took over in 1952. Hazel Flora Kuno (1908-1990) was the
      > instructor. It was printed by the Cloister Press of Hollywood.
      > Don Blanding donated his drawings to four of their poetry annuals
      > from 1948-51. Many minor poets in Blanding's circle seem to have
      > attended:
      > * Helen Bray (one-time president of the California Chapparel Society)
      > * Elinor Henry Brown (Blanding illustrated her book `Of Little
      > Songs and Other Poems')
      > * Ida B. Claxton (published a few books)
      > * Esther Baldwin York (Scarf of Stars)
      > * and of course, as you mentioned, Edythe Hope Genee (Brief Aprils)
      > My take is that many of the students were from high society, or bored
      > wives of the movie industry, and that the local printers made much
      > money from them, producing their privately printed poetry books.
      > How did you find out about the newspaper, and Genee's early
      > attendence? I'd like to learn more from you on the subject.
      > ~~ Keith
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