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FW: you are my sunshine...

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  • Bev Leinbach
    Aloha all, Received this message from Karen yesterday and see in the LA Times more on it today. ... From: karen Cotter [mailto:doggydan@earthlink.net] Sent:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2001
      Aloha all,

      Received this message from Karen yesterday and see in the LA Times more on
      it today.

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      From: karen Cotter [mailto:doggydan@...]
      Sent: Friday, February 23, 2001 4:41 PM
      To: Bev Leinbach
      Subject: you are my sunshine...

      By the way, I haven't disappeared. I have been completely involved in a
      fandango in King City, CA of all places. the Navy tried to ramrod through a
      bombing range from Ft. Hunter Liggett all the way to Big Sur from the coast to
      101 and this weekend I am part of a demonstration at Hunter Liggett, King City
      and at the San Antonio Mission...all the Greenies, local citizenry, monks from
      the local monastery, members of the Salinan and Tassajara tribes, Congressman
      Sam Farr and a bunch of other concerned and informed folks. Too far north to
      concern L A County but it's getting front page coverage by the SFO Chronicle.

      I'm a botanist interested in CA native plants and a huge collection of
      threatened and endangered native plant species diligently collected and
      inventoried by a wonderful woman during the last 10 yeras and sent in
      laminated form to the University of Colorado's herbarium "mysteriously"
      disappeared just at the time we were putting this protest together. Half was
      found to be at the Santa Barbara Bontanic Garden (!) and the other half
      scooped up by - who else - Hunter Liggett.

      I have been desperately trying to get a list of what they have at the SBBG but
      they are stalling and tomorrow and Sunday are D-Day.
      University of Colorado's not talking either...Luckily, she has a printed sheet
      but that is not as impressive as seeing the laminated plants themselves.

      I think this is something all of us Don Blanding friends are concerned
      about´┐Ż.loosing the beautiful nature around us by allowing practice bombing by
      the Navy into the Big Sur Area of Fort Liggett. Check it out in the L A
      Times ,2/24/01.


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