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    I ve been trying to refresh my memory by rereading a Gateway to Friendship - The Torii at Olympu s Manor. This book was a limited edition written about my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2001
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      I've been trying to refresh my memory by rereading a "Gateway to Friendship -
      The Torii at Olympu's Manor." This book was a limited edition written about
      my Uncle, Orre Nelson Nobles in 1970 and privately published. It contains a
      number of references to DB.

      To Bev: In response to your message regarding DB maybe at F&N in Seattle,
      the following is out of the above book. Page 42, Sometime during the next
      year (33), DB made one of his return visits to Seattle, speaking at F&N. He
      had two more books coming out that season, and the World Celebrities Bureau
      got out a fine publicity sheet using a large profile photograph of Don, for
      he was handsome, almost Greek in his classic lines.

      To Karen: In response to your interest in DB's years' '47 thru '57 and his
      involvement with the Church of Religious-Science, all I could find is the
      following; Page 88, "After DB was let out of the Army because he was
      over-age, he returned to Hollywood where he put in many hours at the
      Hollywood Canteen talking to the men or reading his poetry. It was at this
      same time that he became interested in the Institute of Religious Science
      which had such a large attendance in Hollywood. It still has some 600
      members, one of the largest in the nation. The leadersapproach their
      teachings in a metaphysical field, and Dr. Ernest Holmes, one of the founders
      said: They sought in all religions an expression of the central integrity of
      the universe. It filled a great need for Don, and he continued to serve this
      church for the rest of his life.


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