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Art Institute of Chicago Instructors

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  • Keith Emmons
    DON BLANDING AT THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO Following are his instructors from 1910-1916 BENEDICT, Enella K. Nellie (1858-1942) [classes: 1910, 1913 & 1915]
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      Following are his instructors from 1910-1916

      BENEDICT, Enella K. "Nellie" (1858-1942) [classes: 1910, 1913 & 1915]
      Painter. Born December 21, 1858 in Lake Forest, Illinois. Daughter of
      Amzi Benedict (1826-1913) & Catherine Courtland Benedict (?-1907).
      Enella was one of the original residents of Hull House, a famous
      social settlement founded in 1889, which was a 13-building complex on
      Chicago's west side founded by Jane Addanes to help the
      neighborhood's immigrants. She lived there nearly 50 years, teaching
      art to people of the neighborhood. She also taught at the Art
      Institute of Chicago. Died in 1942.

      COE, Ethel Louise (1878-1938) [classes: 1910]
      Painter. Born November 11, 1878 in Chicago, Illinois. Graduated from
      Evanston Township High School, and attended Northwestern University
      from 1898-1901, graduating with honors. Attended Art Institute of
      Chicago 1901-1903, and 1906-1907, studying under such masters as Gari
      Melchers, Alphonse Mucha and Will H. Low, and later in 1930 from
      Boris Anisfeldt. Also Provincetown School of Art under Charles W.
      Hawthorne, and Chicago & Madrid under Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida. From
      1909-1910 & 1915-1916 taught art to students, and French classes for
      teachers, at the Art Institute of Chicago. Ethel never married, and
      died March 22, 1938 in Evanston, Illinois.

      FORSBERG, Elmer Alexander (1883-1950) [classes: 1910 & 1915]
      Painter. Born July 16, 1883 in Gamlakarleby, Finland. Son of Per
      Anders Forsberg (1849-1924) and Anna Elisabeth Forsberg (?-1897). He
      became a senior teacher at the Art Institute of Chicago. Died 1950.

      LOUDERBACK, Walter "Walt" (1888-1941) [classes: 1913]
      Painter & Illustrator. Born January 18, 1888 in Hickory Township,
      Illinois. Son of Norris Louderback (1858-?) and Christine Harlow
      Louderback. Was a popular magazine and book illustrator (especially
      books by James Oliver Curwood), and taught at the Art Institute of
      Chicago. Died in 1941.

      PHILBRICK, Allen Erskine (1879-1964) [classes: 1913]
      Painter and Graphic Artist. Born November 19, 1879. Strikingly
      prolific artist who explored a wide variety of styles. He might best
      be described as a visionary who is most known for developing a unique
      form of Impressionism. His most interesting work, now gaining
      deserved recognition, is marked by a fine sense of color, composition
      and brushwork. Instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago. Died
      November, 1964 in Fairfax Virginia.

      STERBA, Antonin (1875-1963) [classes: 1916]
      Painter. Born February 11, 1875 in Hermanec, Moravia, Czechoslovakia.
      Son of Jan Sterba (1855-?) and Franzisca Sterba (1857-?). Antonin
      came to America with his family in 1883 (via the S.S. Westphalia to
      New York City.) Educated at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1892-
      1896, the J. Francis Smith Academy of Fine Art from 1898-1901, le
      Académie Julian, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant and Jean Paul
      Laurens from 1900-1902, and in 1914. Antonin married Mabel Messenger
      Wells on December 27, 1909, and died on April 8, 1963 in Chicago,

      WILSON, Louis [classes: 1913, 1914 & 1915]
      Nothing is known of Louis Wilson as of yet.

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