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  • Beverly Leinbach
    TH, Is there amything new on this post of May 28th from Marie, her family and the man from Inverness? Bev. From: TJMarkle@cs.com Enid - Honolulu Date: Sun, 28
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2000
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      Is there amything new on this post of May 28th from Marie, her family and
      the man from Inverness?


      From: TJMarkle@...
      Enid - Honolulu
      Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 13:01:47 EDT

      Tj's Enid contact is getting info together. Her personal contact that
      evidently knew DB is also a poet of sorts...I don't know if she published or
      not....her first name is Maxine...I have no last name yet.....

      Also, at a family gathering last night, I accidently complimented someone's
      Hawaiian shirt and they went off on getting off Ebay and I mentioned
      DB....well, she brings her 91 year old mom over to meet me, and mom (Marie)
      lived in Honolulu for 51 years starting in 1937. She never met DB, but knew
      all about him and his fame and popularity....she said "even though he was a
      gay boy" he was still popular and no one really cared about it. Marie's
      daughter, graduated from High School in Honolulu and was crowned homecoming
      queen by no one other than Ron Jacobs, the disc jockey famous in Honolulu,
      that also had worked in the same radio station as DB in the 50's. Isn't it
      small world, or maybe a large one when it comes to DB. Marie and her
      daughter are now racking their brains for more information and other
      contacts in Hawaii that might help us with DB. Marie hadn't thought of DB
      for nearly 25 years and was fascinated with what we were doing. She said he
      was a really talented man with a passion for the Waikiki Beach clubs and
      seemed to know everyone that he needed to know to get what he
      wanted.......the story continues.....I also, met another person last night,
      that lives over by Inverness, where DB frequented, he and I will go over
      there together and see what info we can dredge up about DB. Having the
      contact is good........see ya....put the flags out for Memorial
      day.....serving 4 years in the Navy makes me patriotic today...

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