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Don Blanding Yard Sale

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  • Keith Emmons
    Hello All, If anyone s noticed that I haven t contributed any new Blanding info in awhile, it s because I ve been in the middle of obtaining my first
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2000
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      Hello All,

      If anyone's noticed that I haven't contributed any new Blanding info
      in awhile, it's because I've been in the middle of obtaining my
      first "Vagabond's House" with my wife Vanessa...we are under contract
      on a darling little house, which will hold our paradise loot from all
      of our travels abroad.

      We will move into it shortly, so I'm having a Don Blanding Yard Sale
      to raise some cash...and to unload some stuff from my cluttered desk.
      There are some cool items...like a signed photo of Don in his WWII
      private uniform...and a letter from that time as well. A typed poem,
      which is signed by him at the bottom. Two signed postcards from his
      honeymoon in Honduras...and one from Marineland in Florida. Some
      advertising ephemera...and some books too!

      Here's how to view the auctions:
      1. go into www.ebay.com
      2. hit 'search' at the top of the screen
      3. select view by seller
      4. enter my seller id: keith2draw
      5. click on the auction numbers on the far left

      I hope all the photos show properly...the internet was jam-packed
      with people when I was posting the auctions...I kept getting kicked
      off! All auctions end next Sunday, throughout the afternoon.
      Thanks for looking.

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