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      << My sister and I were both born in Hawai'i (in 1941 and
      1939 respectively). I've been back a few times, most recently to Captain
      and Kealekekua and Ho:naunau a couple of months ago.

      On re-reading "Stowaways in Paradise" not too long ago, I found it to be
      irreparably racist. The only way to fix it would be for somebody to write a
      sequel, with Micky and Pua both surviving World War II and doing well!


      I was raised in Hilo (on the other side of the island...) and I have fond
      memories of the capt. Cook and Kealakekua area, in fact I came across one of
      my first Blanding books at a small antique shop there, I recall a pleasant
      night settling into my room at the inn (Manago Hotel...) and reading
      Vagabond's House with a view of the ocean.

      I havent read "Stowaways...." yet. It seems to be a rather hard book to
      find (and expensive at that!). But I have read several travel-books from the
      late 1800s- early 1900s and a lot of times a condescending view is taken of
      the "natives". I can't comment on anything Blanding has written, I
      thoroughly enjoyed "Hula Moons" and didnt detect "racism" there. But if you
      read writings by Mark Twain (Travels In Hawaii) or, especially the books of
      documentary film-makers Martin & Osa Johnson, you read a lot of references to
      "filthy natives" and their bloodthirsty traditions. All this viewed through
      the eyes of colonialist white americans. Fortunately though, there is plenty
      of other information in these books that make them important historical

      Gee, I'm writing a lot on this first day here!

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