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  • TikiRoom18@aol.com
    Jan 24, 2000
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      In a message dated 00-01-25 02:33:12 EST, you write:

      Dear Larry
      I have to say that in the last year what I unearthed on Don has
      to a large degree changed my life. Firstly Don was genuinely a wonderful,
      caring, compassionate person. What amazed me the most was his ability to
      forgive those who had wronged him , one of those people happened to be my
      great aunt Dorothy. They had been close friends for over twenty years before
      they married. Dorothy had just survived an abusive marriage and had suffered
      both emotional and physical abuse. To this Don in Floridays tells her ( pg
      10 )" For I would heal old hurts with loveliness, and soothe my eyes with
      color's bright caress, With sunsets arched behind tall lonely palms."
      Unfortunately things didn't turn our the way they planned. Don was a merry
      prankster and Dorothy was the crayon heiress, not the most suitable match,
      in retrospect. Don it seems had held a torch for her from the first day he
      met her in Bend OR. He dedicated Vagabond house to her and one of Dorothys
      acquaintances believed that she was his rowdy duchess. With all that he
      invested in the relationship you would think he would be bitter when the
      relationship soured, Don genuinely forgive her and the family that had
      mistreated him. I don't have time at this moment to go into more details,
      but I can say that I have been touched by his forgiveness and in turn his
      love., whatever moral vices he may have had are irrelevant !!!!!
      Take care: Haven

      What a beautiful post! My only acquaintance with Don has been through his
      writing. He does strike me as "good people", certainly someone in history
      that I feel real pain that I was too young to meet. He sounds like he was an
      excellent conversationalist and could keep people entranced with his
      story-telling and life history. He also sounds like a guy that would write
      back to his fans and give back over and above. He sounds like a good person
      to have as a friend.
      In his later books I sense a peace-fullness about him. The poems about
      wandering, the running had slowed down and he seemed to go inward (as every
      poet must eventually I think...). I can see where a part of this peace was,
      as you have so generously shared, a settling, at least in his own mind, of
      relationships he had in the past that perhaps didn't work out as he had
      wanted them to. A forgiving and a moving on with lessons learned.
      Haven, thank you again for sharing your insight with our group. This mail
      list has become first on my list of email I open when I sign on. I think
      Don's poetry attracts a certain type of person, people who dream and people
      who are open to life. People who, like Don, have loved and lost, but still
      smile. People who recognize that we live in a big beautiful world and that
      one life I truly NOT enough to experience it all, but it doesnt stop us from
      trying... I thank you all for receiving me into your number...

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